Wednesday, May 24, 2006

BlogPoll Roundtable: Spring and Post-Spring editions

OK, enough movie chat, let's get back to sports.

Let's catch up on the BlogPoll Roundtables, shall we?

Spring Roundtable (hosted by Schembechler Hall)

1.It's early, but thus far, which off-season change or changes in college football are you most excited about?

I think the biggest think I'm excited about is that next year's title is really up for grabs, which is great for those who like seeing the BCS blow up in the faces of the people who made it.

There's a lot of great teams, but none one could really consider "dominant." We may end up with 4 or 5 one-loss teams competing for those 2 spots in the National Championship game.

As this is the first year of the new TV deal, I will be watching with interest to see how Fox handles the BCS. Say what you want about ABC and ESPN, they were willing to be critical of the BCS when necessary, and Fox Sports (Fox anything, really) has a reputation of promoting rather than addressing serious issues.

2. With spring practice underway, what are the three concerns about your team that are causing you the most anxiety?

First, the impact of injuries on spring drills. A lot of starting defenders got hurt in the offseason, and while it gave the young guys a chance to step up, the coaching staff seems to pick positions based on seniority, and the older guys didn't get a chance to improve

Second, who takes over the Safety and Running Back positions? Vince Meeks, Dwayne Slay, and Taurean Henderson all graduated and the replacements aren't exactly looking like world beaters.

Third, if the young defenders who played most of the spring are really as good as the coaching staff says, how come none of them are getting a serious look at starting jobs.

3. Care to take a stab at a preseason top five?

Hell no. I need my preseason mags first.

Post-Spring Roundtable (hosted by Burnt Orange Nation)

1. Which off-season story are you most tired of, and on the flip side, interested in? (e.g. Reggie Bush's house, Jimmy Claussen, etc.)

I'm tired of stories about '08 recruiting verbal commitments. I hate recruiting stories in general, but verbal commits are the worst because they are completely unverifiable. Nothings official until a player signs on signing day, and even then you have to put him through Spring drills to see what you got.

Plus, a school should never have a player verbally commit prior to his senior year. There's too much time for a guy to get injured or change his mind.

2. Your head coach comes down with a mystery illness and has to step aside. You get to hand pick the replacement for the 2006 season. Who gets your vote?

The same guy it would be if Mike Leach got canned: Mike Price. The guy's learned how to recruit Texas in a short period of time, there's not a whole lot of transition in between Leach's offense and his, pro scouts might actually notice our QBs for once, and he actually coaches defense once in a while.

3. Lastly, we'll mix the football and the blogging together here. If you could have anyone switch allegiances and start covering your team, who you gonna pick?

Probably, Matt from My Opinion on Sports, since he's probably taken over the mantle of "Best Big XII Blog"
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