Friday, May 12, 2006

Do they really need a scoreboard that big?

An Austin American-Statesman rendering of the new scoreboardAn Austin American-Statesman rendering of the new scoreboard.

Apparently the University of Texas decided to do what most guys do when they redo the living room, put a better HDTV in it.

According to the Austin American-Statesman, UT is kicking in $8 million in Audio/Visual improvements to DKR-Memorial Stadium, including what will soon be the largest high-def TV screen in the world in the South end zone.

No info on whether or not the scoreboard will be named after Joe Jamail, Red McCombs, Jim Bob Moffett, or one of UT's other wealthy contributors.

Which begs the question, I know everything is supposed to be bigger here in Texas, but why does that have to extend to the scoreboard?

(More and funnier commentary on the subject at Every Day Should Be Saturday)

As if the entire tenure of Gary Barnett and Ward Churchill wasn't enough, CU is in trouble again.

Two separate investigations, one into racial allegations, another into sexual allegations have recently been launched by the CU athletics department against the basketball team.

Most people will hear these stories and think "Here we go again."

However, there are several noteworthy differences

First, the sexual allegations involve "a former employee" of the men's hoops program at CU, not the players. One thing for a player to be involved, quite another for a paid employee of the university.

Second, the racial allegations involve a person that many thought was the one above-board person in CU athletics, Ricardo Patton, who told and African-American player he should be tougher because of his race. Even if Patton is African-American himself, there's really no reason for him to perpetuate any racial stereotype, even if to motivate his players.

(Story courtesy My Opinion on Sports)

Casserly resigns as Houston's GM

I'd like to say I called this one, but I'm pretty sure others were thinking it, I just haven't done a Technorati search to confirm it.

The only surprising thing here is the timing. Guess Charlie saw the writing on the wall and wanted to get out of Dodge.

R.I.P John Kimbrough 1919-2006

John Kimbrough, the Haskell, Texas football star who has basically done everything in his life except climb Mt. Everest, died this week at the age of 87.

Kimbrough first made his name with the Texas A&M football team, leading them to wins in the 1940 Sugar Bowl (capping an undefeated season for the Aggies), and the 1941 Cotton Bowl (back when a Cotton Bowl win meant something).

Kimbrough also starred in Westerns, piloted a fighter during World War II, played pro football, and served in the Texas Legislature.

Not bad for a person's life.
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