Sunday, August 27, 2006

2006 Cheap Seats Mega Football Preview

Even though the Astros and Rangers are both within striking distance of their playoffs, neither team is really a viable candidate for postseason. Besides, it's baseball, where the steroid controversy may have gone away, but that's because they've all switched to Performance Enhancing Drug Version 2.0.

So once again, we're saying screw baseball and hello football.

Since we're cutting this close to the beginning of both seasons this year, we're going to have to squeeze more into some posts this year, which means fewer fancy tables than last year.

Here's the schedule:

Monday, August 28: TCU, UTEP, SMU, Rice, North Texas
Tuesday, August 29: Big 12 North + All Big 12 Team
Wednesday, August 30: Big 12 South + Big 12 Bowl teams
Thursday, August 31: National College Football: Issues, Other Conference Picks, Bowl Picks
Friday, September 1: first Weekend Preview of the season
Sunday, September 3: AFC North, East, West
Monday, September 4: first Weekend Wrap-up of the season
Tuesday, September 5: Houston Texans and the AFC South
Wednesday, September 6: NFC North, South, West
Thursday, September 7: Dallas Cowboys and the NFC East + Playoffs and Super Bowl

Disclaimer: All picks guaranteed to lose money at your bookie.
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