Thursday, August 3, 2006


OK, they say it's bad form to apologize for your mistakes in the blogosphere, but I feel I need to.

I'm sorry I haven't posted in a month and a half on Cheap Seats and longer on my MVN blogs. I was laid off at Xbox 360 and the job search took priority over blogging. I'm waiting to hear from another job soon, hopefully this job will allow me time to research and blog like I want to.

I'm sorry I'm behind on the "renovations." In particular, I'm having a hard time with finding someone who can redo my Cheap Seats template to my liking, as my knowledge of the web coding Blogger uses is lacking. If anyone out there can help, it would be much appreciated.

I'm sorry that I couldn't elaborate on certain stories, such as Zinedine Zidane's headbutt, and Ozzie Guillen's bad taste comments, other than what was already said by others.

I'm sorry to Evan Brunell, Dave Isaacs, Will Parchman and everyone else at Most Valuable Network for not posting as often on my blogs over there as I should have.

I'm sorry to Brian at MGoBlog, who expects everyone in the Blogpoll to post on a regular basis, and I realize I've probably lost my vote as a result and may never get it back.

I'm sorry to all the excellent college football blogs in the Blogpoll that are pulling their weight.

I'm sorry to all Astros and Rangers fans who probably expect more coverage out of a Cheap Seats blog that purports to cover Texas sports, and hasn't delivered in 2 years because of his personal feelings towards Major League Baseball.

I'm sorry to all Dallas Stars fans, who have embraced a sport that's not their own, or even "American" for that matter, continue to pack the AAC for hockey, created a boom in youth hockey in Dallas, and remain loyal despite the abuse they've taken over the years from Canadians, Michigan residents, Minnesota residents, and New England residents (all of whom chide Stars fans for not being "true hockey fans" simply because of the typical Stars fan's geographic location in relation to the North Pole). You deserve more from me on Cheap Seats, especially since no one in the hockey media elite seems to care what goes on with the Stars.

I'm sorry to all Spurs fans, who should have expected something on Spur of the Moment the moment Rasho Nesterovic was traded and the moment when the Nazr Mohammed signing was announced.

I'm sorry to all Mavericks and Rockets fans who read Cheap Seats, who probably feel like they get slighted on there because I do a Spurs blog.

I'm sorry to all my fellow Red Raiders for basically skimping on basketball and baseball coverage on Double T Ranch once football season ended, and not discussing recruits or spring practice. I'm sorry to them also, that I posted nothing once it was learned that Marsha Sharp, who brought the school it's only national title, stepped down.

Most importantly, I'm sorry to all of you who checked in with this blog on a regular basis. Apparently, something I was writing connected with you, and you chose to surf back in for more. And I haven't delivered.
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