Monday, August 14, 2006

Pre-season Signposts

Cowboys 13, Seattle 3
Positive Signs:
- Tony Romo played the whole game and turned in a decent performance, numbers-wise. (I doubt he'll eventually start, but I think he has a future in this league as a Frank Reich-type backup)

- New rush linebacker Greg Ellis made some open field tackles.

- Shaun Alexander averaged 2.2 yards per carry.

Negative Signs:
- Neither T.O. nor Drew Bledsoe played

- Romo fumbled 2 snaps.

- Patrick Crayton suffered an ankle sprain, a lingering injury.

- Seattle's first team was missing 3 starters, including Michael Boulware, which puts an asterisk on Romo's numbers.

Houston 24, Kansas City 14
Positive Signs:
- David Carr wasn't sacked, and actually got the offense moving on a drive.

- Wali Lundy did well (59 yards on 9 carries, 6.5 ypc)with the first team in place of Domanick Davis.

- Eric Moulds showed he's still got some game left.

- By the time the starters were pulled for good, Houston was up 7-0.

Negative Signs:
- Kansas City's defense is still bad, making hard to project if the offensive numbers will carry forward.

- The mileage is starting to show on Antowain Smith. Time to replace that tire.

- Mario Williams did not look good against a washed-up tackle. (Still, it's his first game ever).

Tomorrow: The booth, the whole booth, and nothing but the booth.
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