Friday, January 28, 2005

Best Damn Career Move Period.

New addition to the Blogroll

I'd like to take this opportunity to welcome Sporting Fools to the Cheap Seats Blogroll. You may have met one Sporting Fool, Corey, already if you have read the comments section of some posts. Very well-written blog. Check it out.

If it wasn't the Worst Damn Sports Show before...

I tuned into the Best Damn Sports Show the other night, and was shocked to find the old couch gone, replaced by a late night talk show set more befitting Jay Leno. Even more shocking is that Chris Rose and Bryan Cox were gone, and Tom Arnold and John Salley were left trying to carry what was left of the show. I cried out, "Why, Why did Fox Sports Net ruin such a good show?" OK, maybe it wasn't that good to begin with, but without Rose as the glue holding the show together, and long without Lisa Guerrero to draw in straight males who don't really follow sports, it's fallen apart.

So I did some internet detective work and eventually came across two articles from last week, one in the St. Pete Times, and another in the Cleveland Plain Dealer, both of which stated that Chris Rose is going to be an announcer for FSN's Arena Football coverage this Spring. Both articles also stated that he's looking to move up to Fox's NFL coverage in the future. Now, I don't know if this Arena Football thing is an official tryout to move up to Fox's broadcast team, but Rose is too smart to leave a highly rated, albeit marginally entertaining, show if he didn't have a legitimate chance to be part of Fox's even more highly rated NFL coverage. Stinks for fans of the old Best Damn, as Tom Arnold now has to carry the program without Rose to feed him a straight line, but good career move for Rose if it works out.

As for Bryan Cox, Fox Sports' website indicates that he will be part of Best Damn's Super Bowl show, but I couldn't find an article stating what his status on the show was. If you care, I'll keep looking.

For those tired of hearing about T.O.'s ankle, we give you more on T.O.'s ankle.

Add Jason Whitlock and Kyle Turley to the growing list of voices telling Terrell Owens to sit the Super Bowl out. Turley made his thoughts known on SportsCenter yesterday, saying that the Eagles will "get rid of him" once he can't perform (and then took a swipe at accused flaxseed oil user Jason Giambi).
Whitlock, who normally apologizes for any bad decision by an athlete, referred to Owens' attempt to play as "self-promotion" and said that he was "overshadowing other important storylines." Wow. When Jason Whitlock can't justify your actions, you're in trouble.

Four to Watch

With this week being the bye before the Super Bowl, we're watching as much College Basketball as possible.
  • Kentucky at Arkansas (Saturday, 2:30 PM Central, CBS) - Time for Stan Heath to put up or shut up.
  • Syracuse at Pittsburgh (Saturday, 6:00 PM Central, ESPN) - A tough road game for Syracuse. Will Pitt's Chevy Troutman be "like a rock"?
  • Texas at Kansas (Saturday, 8:00 PM, ESPN2) - Which version of the post-Tucker Longhorns will show up? Which version of Kansas will show up?
  • Portland at Gonzaga (Saturday, 10:00 PM. ESPN2) - Gonzaga will be on upset alert (for once).

Have a good weekend.

Monday: More Super Bowl
Tuesday: Cheap Seats' Super Bowl Preview

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