Monday, January 10, 2005

A Wild Weekend

Sorry, it's late on Monday when this is going up, I got called in today. So here's some thoughts on wild card weekend
  • Wow, what a wild weekend in the NFL! Three home teams lost and two 8-8 teams won (the first time ever an 8-8 playoff team has won a game).
  • I figured that the Colts were gonna come out fired up, but I wasn't expecting the dismantling the Colts did to the Broncos. Also, not only did the John Lynch hit have no effect on the Colts' receivers, but Dallas Clark, the man who Lynch hit, had 6 catches for 112 yards and a touchdown, and Reggie Wayne had the third-highest passing yardage game in playoff history (221 yards on 10 catches) with another 2 scores. It will definitely give the Patriots pause, more on that matchup Friday
  • Speaking of Lynch, weak move to get your lawyer involved. If you can't take care of your on-field buisness, don't get your lawyer to do it for you.
  • On second thought, Lynch's lawyer probably could have played better pass defense than Lynch did Sunday.
  • As for the other Sunday game, maybe the Vikings weren't as soft as any expert (or in my case, so-called expert) thought. They went into a hostile environment, took advantage of the Packers' lousy defense and Brett Favre's erratic arm and won.
  • Advice to everyone, ignore Randy Moss, he's just trying to be Terrell Owens
  • If you happened to flip over to the Kansas-Kentucky game at any point during the Minnesota-Green Bay game, I don't blame you one bit. That was a better game.
  • The Jets-Chargers game proved 2 things: First, Chad Pennington has a tougher arm than we thought. Second, Pennington also has thicker skin than we thought.
  • It's fashionable to rip on Marty Schottenheimer for not reaching a Super Bowl, but the guy is still a winner and deserves his job as long as he's got a playoff team.
  • Sure, the Rams-Seahawks game turned out have fewer turnovers than anyone thought, but St. Louis was picking on a horrible pass defense.

That's all. Good night and God bless.

Tomorrow: Beltran's move, (which I have *plenty* of thoughts on), Peyton's MVP, and more.

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