Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Denver Post loves the Raiders

Texas Tech gets some print love

Texas Tech basketball, who faces one of their biggest tests of the season when they face the Texas Longhorns tonight,
got a favorable write-up from the Denver Post's Chris Dempsey:

Get to know the names Ronald Ross, Jarrius Jackson, Martin Zeno, Devonne Giles and Curtis Marshall. They are the Tech starters and each average at least 10 points. The Red Raiders have smoothed over the transition from losing high- scoring guard Andre Emmett, who led the Big 12 in scoring a year ago at 20.6 points per game. The scoring from Zeno, Giles and Marshall has not only helped bridge the gap left by Emmett, but Tech is scoring nearly 10 points more per game than it did last season (73.2).

Nice to see the players actually get the attention rather than the coach/lightning rod for once.

Bedlam on Big Monday

When Texas beat Oklahoma State last Monday playing primarily zone defense, it
raised some questions about the Cowboys ability to play against a zone. Sure enough, the Cowboys go into Oklahoma's barn and lose Monday night while facing a heavy amount of zone defense. Questions answered.

Around The Horn panelist and Dallas Morning News Columnist Tim Cowlishaw, on the other hand, was more impressed by Oklahoma's play.

At least they are trying...

NHL owners and players are meeting to hammer this lockout thing out. At this point, Middle East peace looks more likely, but at least they are talking and trying to resolve it. But there's no way the "coalition of the coerced and bribed" takes any offer from the owners seriously.

Super Bowl item of the Day

Chad Lewis, Eagles backup TE and key player in the goal-line set, is
out for the game with a broken foot. Eagles could sure use him in their goal line package.

Tomorrow: Texas Tech-Texas, Illinois-Wisconsin, and more Super Bowl

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