Wednesday, January 19, 2005

The server ate my post

I think in the future I'm going to start typing my posts in Word before I post them. An "internal server error" wiped out what I was going to post today. So I leave you with a few thoughts.
  • USA Today reports that 66% of baseball fans think baseball's new steroid policy doesn't go far enough. The enforcement issues are fixed. What more do the fans want? Taking away homers from Barry Bonds? Sending Bonds and Giambi to Gitmo? Neither are gonna happen, guys.
  • Wake Forest was celebrating too much after thei big win against UNC and laid an egg against Florida State. A mere hiccup. Wake will still be a #1 seed come Tournament time.
  • Far too much ink and airtime is being spent ahead of this week's NFC championship game on the Falcons-Eagles playoff matchup 2 years ago. In today's NFL, 2 offseasons is enough time to turn over an entire roster, so it's really unfair to both the Eagles and Falcons to compare this game to a game 2 years ago.
  • If anyone in baseball deserves $22 Million next year, it's Roger Clemens. There's no one out there with his credentials.
  • Gotta love Longhorn spinmeister Kirk Bohls. He's trying to spin the hiring of Auburn's Gene Chizik, who will probably depart next season when the 'Horns finish second in the Big XII South with one loss, as a sign that the program is going in the right direction. Yeah, assistant coaching turnover is always good. Especially since it's the assistants who do the bulk of the recruiting and who the kids know the best.

Tomorrow: The end of the last NFL dynasty.

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