Monday, November 21, 2005


Big story of the weekend:Texas Tech ekes out controversial win over OU

One thing we can say about this game: Both sides have plenty to complain about with regard to the officiating.

If Taurean Henderson doesn't get in on that last play, Tech fans would be complaining about that call and the out of bounds reversal on the previous play on an apparent Joel Filani score.

As it is, OU fans are crying foul about Henderson's score. Even accusing the Texas Tech student newspaper for "doctoring" a photo because it showed Henderson getting in the end zone. (This, of course, from fans that are praised by Every Day Should Be Saturday for their Photoshop masterpieces)

Generally though, if there's a bad call at the end of the game, there's things your team could have done during the game to make the call a non-issue. And frankly, both teams could stand to make improvements before they head off to their respective bowl games.

OU, for instance, could stand to get more than 118 yards from Rhett Bomar. They also failed to halt Taurean Henderson before the final play, allowing 109 yards rushing, and this is after their Bedlam Series rivals held Henderson to negative yardage the previous week.

Texas Tech could stand to improve it's pass protection as Cody Hodges was harassed all game long by OU's pass rush.

Big 12 Games

Baylor 44, Oklahoma State 34

It's too bad Baylor couldn't pull off one more conference win, but they did knock out OSU from bowl eligibility.

Kansas State 36, Missouri 28

This was a very emotional game for the K-State Wildcats as Bill Snyder, the man who brought Kansas State, a program that was the laughing stock of the old Big 8, to the brink of a BCS championship (a dream rudely ended by Texas A&M), annouced his retirement prior to the game. As much as we joke here about how Snyder liked to schedule easy non-conference games, he will be missed greatly.

Our Adopted Team

Tulsa 38, Tulane 14

I don't know what to say anymore. Maybe the grind of playing every game on the road is getting to this team. Tulane came out flat, Tulsa came out focused and just blew the Green Wave away.

Around the State

UAB 35, UTEP 23

UTEP blows it's first opportunity to clinch a C-USA title but a win against SMU next week will still give it to him.

How about UAB's Darrell Hackney? 4 TD passes? If I'm an NFL team, I'd be willing to take this guy on a late round flyer.

SMU 29, Houston 24

Rarely does a safety make a difference in a ballgame. However, a snap that went over the head of Kevin Kolb and out of the back of the end zone effectively put a 3-point deficit out of reach for the Cougars.


Sunday's Games

Cowboys 20, Lions 7

Is there a running back controversy in Dallas? Julius Jones had 92 yards, but Marion Barber had both rushing touchdowns. Hmmm...

Game Ball: Billy Cundiff
In his first game back with the Cowboys, Cundiff hit the longest field goal in Cowboys history and was perfect on 2 field goal attempts.

Kansas City 45, Houston 17

Is this score really a surprise? This is a team that needs serious help in the draft at all positions. They might as well start looking seeing as how they are already on the clock for the first pick

Game Ball: Larry Johnson
211 yards in a game is impressive, even if they are playing the Texans.
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