Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Weekend Wrap-Up "Roy Williams Pick Six" edition

Somehow, losing Terrell Owens gets the Eagles 10 more points against the Cowboys. Earlier in the season, the Cowboys blew up the Eagles, and that was when TO was in the lineup.

This time, the Eagles still lost, but they lost on a late "pick six" by Roy Williams on a very curious pass on 2nd and 7 late in the 4th when the Eagles should have run it to run out the clock.

Oh well, the Cowboys will take the win, I'm sure.

As for the college ranks? What did we learn from the SEC's big weekend in the spotlight? No one in the SEC can execute on offense.


Big story of the weekend:Texas has clear shot to BCS

Between Texas sticking it to notorious whiner Mark Mangino and previously undefeated Alabama losing to LSU, Texas basically controls its own BCS destiny. All they have to do is beat A&M and beat the champ of a weak Big 12 North.

As for Kansas, Mangino reportedy blames the BCS for scoring the 66 points on his ballclub.

Other Big 12 Games

Oklahoma State 24, Texas Tech 17

Tech's Leading Rusher in this game: Cody Hodges with 36 yards. Taurean Henderson had -6. Now OU knows the key to stopping Tech.

Oklahoma 36, Texas A&M 30

That Iowa State loss looms a lot larger than it did weeks ago. If not for that loss, playing Texas Tech, Oklahoma, and Texas in their last 3 games wouldn't have been such a task.

Iowa State 30, Colorado 16

Thanks to an uncharacteristic blow up by Gary Barnett's bunch, the Big 12 North is up for grabs once again.

Nebraska 27, Kansas State 25

Nebraska is now bowl eligible and could very well play for a Big 12 Championship if they win and everyone else loses.

Missouri 31, Baylor 16

Well, Baylor's dream season ends one game short of bowl eligibility. Sorry Bears, better luck next year (Ha ha ha ha, "next year", that's a good one).

Anyway, Missouri still has an outside chance to get the Big 12 North, but they need a little help.

Our Adopted Team

Rice 42, Tulane 34

Yeah, I know Rice is glad to have the nation's longest current win streak off their backs, but did they have to beat up a bunch of poor, defenseless Hurricane Katrina refugees to do it?

Eh, it's football, who am I kidding.


Sunday's Games

Dallas 21, Philadelphia 20

Let's not kid ourselves here. Philadelphia outplayed Dallas until the 4th quarter, when Roy Williams bailed out the Cowboys with that interception return.

Game Ball: Roy Williams
You make the game winning play, you always get the game ball. Unless it's the owner's birthday or something.

Indianapolis 31, Houston 17

This game was pretty much over when it kicked off. Houston wasn't going to do anything to stop the Colts from going 9-0.

Game Ball: Vernand Morency
For putting up one of the few Houston scores.
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