Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Irvin case proves sports media is just as biased as the regular media.

In case you haven't heard by now, Michael Irvin, the former Cowboys great, future hall of famer (if the anti-Cowboys bias doesn't keep him out like it did Bullet Bob Hayes), and commentator for ESPN, was arrested for "possession of drug paraphernalia", which nobody knows exactly what, but it's small enough to fit in a glove box.

Irvin's explanation is that he took it from a friend to try and get him help, placed in a place where his kids couldn't get it, and forgot about it.

I'm sort of inclined to believe Irvin in this circumstance. He has cleaned up his life since a 2000 arrest for marijuana possession, and committed to Jesus Christ as his savior. And frankly, a guy who gets clean isn't a hypocrite for trying to get others clean. Heck, they're in a better position to tell someone to quit than the rest of us, because they've suffered the consequences and seen others die.

And until the police find drugs in a toxicology screen from Irvin, then whatever it is they found isn't his. (And because of his record, they had probable cause to get a warrant for a tox screen at any point before they released him.)

But naturally, he's taking the heat from sports columnists like Gil LeBreton, who don't have all the facts.

Why? Irvin's a born-again Christian and the media, even the sports media, is anti-Christian. But then again, they are educated at the same schools where the rest of the mainstream media is educated, so that's no surprise.

After all, this is the same mainstream media that turned on their "feel good story" Kurt Warner after he said "Thank you Jesus" when accepting the Lombardi Trophy in 2000. It's the same mainstream media who blasted the late Reggie White, Baptist minister and defensive end for the Packers, for making remarks to the Wisconsin legislature that the politcally correct left didn't agree with. It's the same mainstream media that throws Deion Sanders' "Must Be the Money" video in his face now that he's converted and doesn't care about money as much as he used to. And it's the same mainstream media that revels in every loss by Air Force, simply because it's one of the few institutions in America where the rights of Christians are unrestricted.

However, LeBreton's attack is particularly sinister. He labeled Irvin a "con", then tried to cover his tracks by saying he was referring to a "con man".

Problem is, "con" in media parlance is also short for "conservative", (e.g. "neocon"), and, in leftist terms, "conservative" is synonymous with "Christian". However, the media shortens it to "con" so that you, the reader, confuse "conservative"(which is where on the political grid the media puts Christians) with "con man".

Nice try Gil, we know what you really meant.

Where's News Busters when you need them?
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