Friday, August 26, 2005

Cheap Seats Mega Football Preview 2005: NFC All Cardinal Directions Except East

Well, now we're done with the AFC, so guess where we're going next? That's right, the NFC. Where, as Azsher pointed out yesterday, 8-8 makes the playoffs.

OK, while that may have been true last year, this year it's a little tougher as the Panthers and Cowboys will be back, the Cardinals will improve, and all the teams in the South should be in the mix.

NFC North
TeamBest Record GuessThe Skinny
Minnesota11-5According to NFL Rules, someone has to win this division. Might as well pick the Vikings Despite the loss of Moss, the defense got better in the offseason, and Daunte Culpepper still leads the offense.

Better defense. Really bad offense no matter who the quarterback and running back are. (I love what Kyle Orton and Thomas Jones are doing, but they are facing vanilla defenses in preseason.)

Green Bay6-10I hate to say this because Brett Favre deserves to go out on a better note, but the facts are the facts: That defense sucks.
Detroit4-12This year, the truth about Joey Harrington will be revealed: He's not an NFL Quarterback. Look for Jeff Garcia to go 4-4 down the stretch and give them something to look forward to next season.

NFC South
TeamBest Record GuessThe Skinny
Atlanta12-4A phrase that should scare the rest of the league: "Michael Vick is picking up the offense." Pretty damn good defense too
Carolina11-5The defense is back, and the running backs are healthy, as is Steve Smith.
Tampa Bay8-8When your top two QBs are Brian Griese and Chrissy Sims, you are in trouble.
New Orleans7-9I don't care who they added, they will again be the most underachieving team in the NFL. Jim Haslett, i'd like it introduce you to Mr. Unemployment Check.

NFC West
TeamBest Record GuessThe Skinny
Seattle10-6Again, rules say someone has to win this division. Seattle's won it the past 2 years
Arizona9-7Denny Green has track record of revitalizing older QBs like Warren Moon and Randall Cunningham, so Kurt Warner should be fine. J.J. Arrington should eventually balance that offense. What will hold this team back is it's defense.
San Fransisco6-10Will struggle early until Alex Smith takes over the reigns for good midway through the season.
St. Louis5-11

Mike Martz is a genius like Wile E. Coyote is a "Super Genius." That is to say, his schemes usually blow up in his face. That said, he will probably turn up at a college job next year with so many schools looking for a coach that emphasizes a high-percentage passing game.
Side note: Isaac Bruce needs to be tested for embalming fluid or something. No way he's still an effective reciever at his age.

Tomorrow, we ask the eternal question of life, the universe, and everything:
"How 'bout them Cowboys?"

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