Friday, August 5, 2005

Salary Cap Reality

Normally I hate reality TV. If there is one reality show I'd like to see, however, it's one about this NHL offseason, the first under the salary cap

I'd like to have a camera in Colorado's GM office capturing the moment Pierre Lacroix found out franchise stalwarts Peter Forsberg and Adam Foote were signing elsewhere, or in Tampa Bay's office when Nikolai Khabibulin signed bolted the defending Stanley Cup champion Lightning for the woeful Chicago Blackhawks. I would have loved to have seen the negotiations between washed up Dallas Star Mike Modano and Tom Hicks that left him still overpaid. I'd also like to see Jeremy Roenick's initial reaction to getting traded to L.A.

That would have been some great reality TV.

Unfortunately, the footage of all this will never make air because no one in the hockey world thought of the idea.

Fox acquires

Fox announced that their interactive media division recently acquired college recruiting info rip-off site

I like the move from a broadcasting standpoint because it gives the FSN networks and local Fox Sports Radio affiliates a new set of talking heads to call on when they need to do recruiting stories. However, Fox is just going to take a huge bath on this. No one's going to go pay for when they can hear the same thing on FSN from one of their reporters.

NIT accuses NCAA of Anti-trust violations

The NIT, which was once as much a national championship as the NCAA Tournament, has filed a lawsuit claiming that the NCAA has violated anti-trust law and relegated the NIT to second class status.

The only reason why any of this is news is because Bobby Knight is testifying on behalf of the NIT.

Richardson finally finds coaching job.

Former Arkansas coach Nolan Richardson has finally found a job. Just not a college job.

Richardson, who's lawsuit against the University of Arkanas is on appeal, has agreed to coach Panama's basketball team in the upcoming Tournament of the Americas, where Manu Ginobli and Fabricio Oberto's Argentine team is sure to be waiting to lay the smack down on them.

Recommended Reading

Kevin Blackistone in the DMN suggests that baseball should have tossed Palmeiro immediately after the positive test. Read the whole article, it's worth it.

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