Wednesday, August 3, 2005

NCAA 2006: In a word, Wow

Virtual Adrian Peterson destroys a would be tackler (EA Sports)

One of the highlights of my year is always the release of EA Sports' NCAA Football games.

This year's edition was awesome.

The first big thing I noticed was the graphics. It's light years ahead of '05 and the gameplay graphics are getting to the point where it looks like you are playing a TV telecast instead of a game.

The biggest change they made from a gameplay standpoint is the addition of impact players. Basically it gives you a Tecmo Bowl Bo Jackson on each side of the ball. Except for the fact that every team has one. (Believe me, sending your impact running back against their impact linebacker is not always a good thing). The only drawback if you have an impact reciever is that people want to throw to him every play and it's still a bad idea to throw into a double team. Even in video game football.

On the defensive side, the computer defenders have gotten better at adjusting to the option, so all you option QBs need to be more careful with your decision making. Otherwise, you might see a whole lot of this guy:

Virtual Jermail Ashley blows through a blocker (EA Sports)

In addition to dynasty mode, there's a new "Race for the Heisman" mode which lets you create a player and play out his college career. I love the mode, but you have to really concentrate playing one position well to succeed.

The one thing that they changed in dynasty mode is that you can now recruit in season, which makes it like the real thing. Unfortunately, the controls are more confusing.

Overall, it's a great game and much improved over NCAA 2005.

And as soon as I can afford Xbox live, y'all are in trouble.

EDIT (Thursday, August 4th): If you're wondering where Thursday's post is, the above game is the reason why it's not up. This, of course means that we have a super-sized post tomorrow.

Friday: Salary Cap Reality (Not a show, but it should be)
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