Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Getting Personal for a moment

(Warning: This post contains political views. If you don't like politics, don't read today's post. In fact, go read one of the sports blogs at right today and check back here tomorrow. I'll put a non-political post up.)

Let me get one thing straight right now:

I support our troops.

I think the rhetoric of "Get our troops out now." just gives out enemies hope that they can beat us.

I do not agree with the views of Cindy Sheehan and those who have rallied around her. Frankly, I've been censored by too many liberals in my college career because of my faith to take their "dissent is patriotic" crap seriously. And I've seen enough vandalized Republican campaign signs and assaults on non-liberals by allegedly peaceful demonstrators to wonder if peace is their real goal. (Not that people who support the war have been entirely civil either, but there's something a little wrong with people who say they are for peace and punch people, regardless of who it is)

I don't care if there were WMDs at the time of invasion or not. Saddam should have been gone after the first Gulf War and W finally finished the job.

So why am I going downtown to City Hall tomorrow for Cindy Sheehan's rally, an event sure to bring out the worst in both anti-war and pro-war demonstrators?

Call it a premonition, or an irrational fear, pick one.

I don't know how, I don't know which side, but I'm afraid someone's going to start crap and turn what should be 2 peaceful side-by-side demonstrations into a riot.

As much as I don't like the anti-war movement, no one should have to get hurt at this.

And I'm going to do the only thing I can do to stop it: Go down there and pray. Pray for civility. Pray against violence. Pray for a whole number of other reasons I'm not sure you'd understand. And get as many friends at my church as I can to come down and pray with me as I possibly can.

I know you probably think I'm crazy to head into what might be trouble, but I don't know what else to do. Staying at home isn't an option. I hope I'm completely wrong and these protests go off without people getting hurt. But I can't ignore this bad feeling.

I'll bring water and a first aid kid just in case.

And I'll try not to get in between the two groups and let the police and first responders do their job.

But I will be down there praying for everyone, pro-war and anti-war.

That's it, just wanted to give everyone a heads up on what my Wednesday's going to be like.

Tomorrow: Huggy Bear
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