Saturday, August 6, 2005

CU Scandal Archive

We really are not trying to pick on the University of Colorado, but they make themselves such a tempting target. What other school would have a sex scandal, a while male political correctness "scandal", a financial mismanagement scandal, and a plagiarizing, fake Native American, professor speaking ill of the dead scandal all within the span of a year.

Cheap Seats Posts

January 24, 2005: "Wall to Wall Sports." (subhead: Colorado in Hot Water. Again.)
January 26, 2005: "Things to do in Austin..." (subhead: The Continuing Saga of Colorado's Basketball Budget Woes)
February 2, 2005: "Super Bowl Preview Part 2 and more trouble at Colorado" (Subhead: "More Colorado Embarrasment.")
March 1, 2005: "Double Secret Probation Edition" (subhead: "CU Later, Barnett?")
March 7, 2005: "Breaking News" (Betsy Hoffman announces her resignation)
August 9, 2005: "Betsy Hoffman Still doesn't get it" (Sour Grapes as Betsy Hoffman blames everyone but herself for the firing.)
December 5, 2005 "Weekend Wrap-Up: "PWNED!" Edition" (The straw that broke the camel's back).
December 7, 2005: "Breaking News"(Denver Post and other media outlets report Barnett's ouster)

Other Articles
(Tried to put these in more or less chronological order. A lot of the articles on Ward Churchill and Betsy Hoffman are now broken it seems. I guess those who run the internet are trying to wipe out their transgressions.)

Wire Report CNN, February 8, 2004. "Former Lawmakers to investigate CU scandal." (The initial charges which started it all)
Wire Report CNN, February 20, 2004. Sixth Rape Allegation surfaces at CU." (Barnett and Hnida)
Rick Reilly. Sports Illustrated, February 23, 2004 "Another Victim At Colorado."
Todd Vaughan and Kevin Vaughan, Rocky Mountain News, December 27th, 2004. "Bowl game goodies add up for CU"
Wire Report., January 27, 2005. "Football Feels First Class while others fly coach."
Ward Churchill, "Some People Push Back."
Stuart Steers, Rocky Mountain News, February 3, 2005. "Prof's Indian Roots Disputed."
Thomas Brown, Lamar University, February 13, 2005. "Assessing Ward Churchill's Version of the 1837 Smallpox Epidemic."
Raj Chohan,, "'Original' Churchill Art Creates Controversy"
Wire Report., March 2, 2005 "Female trainers claim sexual assault by assistant coach" (Also details Barnett's slush fund.)
Chris Dempsey. Denver Post, June 6, 2005 "Barnett Vows He'll Stay." (Interview with Gary Barnett)
David Harsyani. Denver Post, August 8, 2005 "Hoffman has excuses, not answers."
Chris Dempsey and Mark Kiszla. Denver Post, December 7, 2005 "CU will sack Barnett."
Mark Kiszla. Denver Post, December 7, 2005 "70-3 loss did what scandal couldn't."
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