Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Cowboys beaten on two plays in fourth quarter

(L.M. Otero/AP) Santana Moss pulls in a touchdown in front of Aaron Glenn (L.M. Otero/AP)

Two plays. That's all it took.

Two long bombs to Santana Moss, the only two times the Cowboys failed to execute their coverages, and it's enough to beat the 'Boys. Why wasn't Terrence Newman covering Santana Moss on those touchdown plays?

I have also never seen so many third down passes end up so short of the marker as I did last night from the Cowboys. If you need 7 yards, you need to run a 7-yard route.

Jose Cortez should have hit that 41 yarder in the first quarter. That was an inexcusable miss, especially considering he hit one from the same distance later in the game.

Everything else they did right. No picks, no fumbles lost, no sacks of Drew Bledsoe, blitzed Mark Brunell into the ground.

It's just those two stinking pass plays.

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Last anyone checked, Urban's players weren't getting car-bombed

Surely Urban Meyer remembers the media firestorm that erupted when Kellen Winslow II declared himself "a soldier" simply because he played football. Even if he was in Utah at the time, Utah has cable TV, all-sports radio, and the internet.

So he's gotta know from Mr. Winslow's experience that referring to football players as "soldiers" is disrespectful, right?

Apparently not.

From Meyer's press conference:
We take care of our soldiers around here . . . When one soldier drops a rifle, the next one's got to pick it up and go a little harder.
Naturally, the media has let him have it.

Mike Bianchi of the Orlando Sentinel puts it better than I ever could:
A blitzing linebacker doesn't compare to an inescapable suicide bomber. Staring at a 3rd-and-7 pales in comparison to staring at an AK-47. And if Florida quarterback Chris Leak makes a bad decision, the consequence is a loss of down or yardage; not a loss of life or limb.
Urban's blaming this on not being used to big time media pressure. Sorry not buying it. It doesn't matter whether you are coaching Lampasas High School or the University of Florida, the comment is still inappropriate.

Now, the mainstream media calling Urban Meyer out for being disrespectful of the troops is the pot calling the kettle black given all the articles they've spewed out post-liberation, but that's a separate issue.

(Story Courtesy We Are The Boys)

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