Monday, September 26, 2005

Weekend Wrap-Up: "Writer's Block" edition


Big Story of the weekend: Another hurricane wrecks the schedule.

It's becoming abundantly clear that teams in the Gulf States need to start leaving open dates later in the schedule. If we're in a big hurricane cycle, and these things do go in cycles, it would be a prudent measure.

Rice and Houston both had games cancelled due to Hurricane Rita, and it forced Texas A&M to move up their game with Texas State (which should have been Florida State, but they chickened out).

UPDATE: AgRyan04 of Texas A&M and Baseball has informed me that the SMU game, not the Texas State game, was the replacement for the Florida State game. Still a chicken move by FSU.

This on top of Hurricane Katrina messing up the Week 1 schedule.

Big 12 games

Texas A&M 44, Texas State 31
We've already covered this game, but a couple things bear repeating. First, Texas State QB Barrick Nealy threw for 379 yards against this A&M secondary. Not good. Second, Texas A&M let Texas State hang around for too long.

More Commentary: Texas A&M and Baseball

Iowa State 28, Army 21
TexasTommy really thinks I should rate Iowa State higher, so I decided to check out their game with Army on Friday to see if they could actually lay the wood to a bad team, albeit one that is training for a more important job than playing football on Sundays. The Cyclones were awful for the majority of the game. Iowa State gained 229 yards and turned the ball over 3 times, all Bret Meyer picks. Yes, the Cyclones came back and won, which is commendable, but a Big XII team shouldn't let an independent not located in South Bend, Indiana hang around like that.

Miami 23, Colorado 3
Unfortunately for the Buffs, Kyle Wright picked this game to establish himself as a bonafide college quarterback. Also, Joel Klatt looked horrible. While I admire his courage for sticking around with the foot injury, his mechanics were clearly affected because he couldn't throw a deep ball or get the necessary zip he needed on short throws. There's playing hurt, and then there's hurting your team by playing hurt. Klatt's decision falls under the latter.

More Commentary: Canes Addiction

Texas Tech 63, Indiana State 7
Well, I hope Larry Bird's alma mater got their money's worth out of their trip to Lubbock. Congratulations go out to Red Raider RB Taurean Henderson, who broke the school records for career touchdowns and points.

Expanded Recap: Double T Ranch

Kansas State 54, North Texas 7
Darrell Dickey needs to consider playing either Patrick Cobbs or Jamario Thomas on defense, because it's pretty clear the Mean Green doesn't have any quality talent on that side of the football. Nice bounce-back for the Wildcats, who had a record-setting offensive day of their own with 658 yards of total offense.

Another Recap: Math Dojo
"The Math Ninja," as she calls herself, is a student at Kansas State University, I'm guessing studying something math-related, with a football jones. She lists 2 NFL teams and Tom Brady among her interests.

Oklahoma, Oklahoma State, Texas, Baylor, Kansas, Missouri, and Nebraska all had the week off.

Our Adopted Team

For those who are catching this blog for the first time, Cheap Seats adopted the Tulane football team after Hurricane Katrina because I love their "we'll play anywhere" attitude.

Tulane 31, SMU 10
Tulane head coach Chris Scelfo said he play in a Popeye's Fried Chicken parking lot. SMU coach Phil Bennett should probably be looking for a job at a fast foot joint right now. With a 7-32 career record, it's becoming abundantly clear that he can't hack it as a coach.

Credit Tulane's Lester Ricard with this victory. His line: 22-34, 213 yards, and 2 TDs.

Recap: Frank McGrath (Tulane blogger)

Around the State

TCU 51, BYU 50 (2 OT)
Wow, is TCU lucky or what? Another team from Utah, another overtime game, another close call that goes in their favor. Eventually, they are going to have to start winning these games on skill, though.

UTEP 21, New Mexico 13
The defense and special teams come through for the Miners as Joe Flesoski returns a pick 68 yards for a touchdown and Nate Draughton blocks a punt for another.

Hurricane Rita wiped out Rice and Houston's home games.

Around the Nation
(Recaps from around the Blogosphere, A lot of blogs haven't posted recaps, so we'll keep this updated as more come in)

USC 45, Oregon 13
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Virginia Tech 51, Georgia Tech 7
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Florida 49, Kentucky 28
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Boston College 16, Clemson 13 (OT)
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Wisconsin 23, Michigan 20
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South Florida 45, Louisville 14
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Ohio St. 31, Iowa 6

Alabama 24, Arkansas 13
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Georgia 23, Mississippi State 10
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Cheap Seats' Blogpoll Ballot

We're waiting for Tennessee-LSU tonight to fill it out completely, so here's a preliminary forecast of who on our ballot last week is moving up and who's moving out.



Southern CalHoldingSo far so good, Trojans pass toughest road test to date
2GeorgiaDown a littleNot looking as impressive in their last contest.
3TexasUpProbably should have been #2 a long time ago. This is a correction
4Virginia TechUpRanked teams generally don't blow out other ranked teams the way the Hokies blew up the Ramblin' Wreck
5LSU???vs. Tennessee tonight
6LouisvilleWay downTeams that have BCS aspirations don't get blown out by weaker conference foes.
7FloridaUpDespite their second half against Kentucky, Gators in great shape
8Florida StateHoldingBye week
9PurdueDropping fastSo much for the advantage of not having Ohio State or Michigan.
10Ohio StateUp Probably shouldn't have dropped so much after Texas game, but oh well.
11MichiganDownStill can right the ship vs. MSU, but it's not looking likely
12Tennessee???Need to beat LSU tonight to maintain their position.
13Arizona St.HoldingNice win over Oregon State
14Miami (FL)HoldingRight now, the only team that can knock off Va. Tech in the ACC Coastal Division.
15Texas TechHoldingFaces 1st real defense next week vs. Kansas
16Georgia TechDown a lot.Even with a somewhat recovered Reggie Ball, Virginia Tech slaughtered the Yellow Jackets.
17ClemsonDown Can't drop them too much for losing close, but everyone else with 2 losses right now is getting dropped also.
18Notre DameUpNow, the "angry Ty Willingham" storyline can finally be put to bed
19UCLA HoldingBye week
20AlabamaUp1st real test against Florida next week
21Boston CollegeUpHappy first ACC win, Eagles!
22Texas A&MHolding... but very precariously.
24IowaDropping outThe loss to Ohio State hurts Iowa (and Iowa State by extension)
25TCUHoldingEscaping Provo with a victory and their vote in my ballot

Under consideration
Fresno StateHoldingBye Week
ColoradoDownBeginning of the end for Gary Barnett?
UtahDownNarrowly avoided a loss at Air Force
Michigan StateUp to Top 25OK, they survived a trap game. They've probably earned their ranking now.
OklahomaHoldingbye week
Iowa StateUp?Positives: Best team in the Big XII North Negatives: That last game against Army was too close and their "marquee win" against Iowa ain't lookin' so good now.
VirginiaUpAll they do is win.
Boise StateUpClosing the gap with Fresno for WAC lead
OregonDownHad a chance to make noise and couldn't take advantage of it
CalHoldingBeating New Mexico State is not enough to move this team.


Sunday's Games

Dallas Cowboys 34, San Francisco 49ers 31
Last week, the Cowboys couldn't by a key play late in a close ball game. This week, they made the key play to win the game. But the defense had it's first poor performance, allowing 31 points, their highest amount so far, to a 49er team that looked anemic against Philly.

More commentary:
Dallas Cowboys Blog on AOL
The Cowboy Roundup

Minnesota Vikings 33, New Orleans Saints 16
Well, the vagabonds are now 1-2. Fantasy owners of Daunte Culpepper were happy, as he passed for 300 yards and scored 3 touchdowns. (Fantasy owners like me who faced a team with Culpepper, not so much).

The Saints play their first "home" game next week at the Alamodome in San Antonio.

Monday Night Football vs. CSI:Miami

This Week's Monday Night Football (Broncos vs. Chiefs)
Let's see, Kansas City, believe it or not, is 2-0 and actually plays defense. The Broncos lost badly in Week 1 to the Dolphins, but bounced back last week against San Diego. Should be a good game.
I should disclose that a couple of my buddies, a Chiefs fan and a Broncos fan, have invited me to go down to a sports bar here in Austin, and that's going to affect my decision. (Guess they need an arbiter to settle bets).

This Week's CSI:Miami ("Blood in the Water")
Yahoo! TV Listings:

A rich couple's daughter dies when the family is trapped on a burning yacht in shark-infested waters.
It's another new episode, and I've already missed the season premiere. Don't want to miss two new episodes in a row. Decisions, decisions...

The Verdict
In another close call, the fact that I'm going to a sports bar with friends trumps CSI:Miami. Socializing is good for you.
Monday Night Football

Tuesday: After-Action Report
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