Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Trotter has to "be a man"; Eagles pay the price

Falcons players celebrate a recovered fumble that Donovan McNabb dropped. (Rich Addicks/Atlanta Journal-Constitution)

New strategy for teams facing the Eagles: Pick a fight with Jeremiah Trotter.

Seriously though, how bad did the Eagles defense look after Trotter got ejected? 200 yards rushing? You'd think Tecmo Bowl Bo Jackson was in Atlanta's backfield.

I know a lot of people are rushing to Trotter's defense and saying that he's just trying to "be a man." and defend his side of the field. I'm not buying the explanation. "Being the man" doesn't give you license to be stupid. And letting someone get in your kitchen that much that you have to push back immediately, rather than wait until kickoff where you could have kicked his tail legally, is stupid.

He could have walked away from that and channeled it into a better performance on the field. Instead, he got ejected and cost his team the game.*

Worse, other players are going to try and start stuff with Trotter because a) they know they can and b) they know it's to their advantage to get Trotter ejected.

BTW, Kevin Mathis is an idiot too for instigating the thing. His idiocy is more obvious, and I shouldn't have to repeat what others can say better.

Hopefully, the players have learned their lesson and they can be professionals about this.

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* - Matt, if you ever have to do a sermon on "turning the other cheek", this would be a good object lesson.
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