Thursday, September 1, 2005

Podcast Mania

To all who are wondering how my time at the Sheehan rally went, I'm OK, and aside from a few people who were treated for heatstroke, most of the people who went, pro-war and anti-war, are doing fine as well. My prayers for peace at the rally were answered. (God is good!)

Trust me, if violence had broken out, it would have displaced all the hurricane news coverage.

There was more woofing out there than a one-on-one game between Charles Barkley and Larry Bird, though (and yes, Bird was a legendary trash talker on the court). I swear, people have forgotten how to debate.

I have pictures, but I also have one of those old fashioned cameras where you actually have to process the film. And you don't get digital discs of that in one hour. Sorry.

Anyway, on to today's post:


Podcasts rock!

I've been taking up walking lately to try and lose some pounds, so naturally, I now have an iPod, the first electronic gadget I've recieved in months, so now I can take sports talk with me wherever I go thanks to podcasts. That is, when I don't decide to listen to all of Pink Floyd's The Wall while walking.

Podcasts also rock because I don't have to tune in the radio to listen to Jorge Sedano in between the end of J.T. The Brick and the start of Bucky and Erin on 1300 The Zone. (I don't get ESPN Radio 1260/1530 after sunset). I can just shut off my radio and set my computer to play 6 hours worth of podcasts and I don't have to listen to Sedano's homerism and screeching voice anymore.

By the way, the only podcast reciever (software to download podcasts) you need is iPodder. Don't use iTunes.

Podcasts I love:

Sports Bloggers Live
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AOL has really taken the lead by producing an original sports podcast complete with interviews with bloggers and internet personalities. The audio quality rivals any sports talk radio show.

Mario and Jeff
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Two dudes from Chicago talking baseball.

Outsider Radio
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Another great baseball podcast

Just Talkin' Sh--
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Lance Williams' Podcast on sports and pop culture.

Project Spurs' Spurscast
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The Only Spurs' Podcast out there. Great show, they just need to post more often.

Talkin Texas
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The Texas Rangers might not be a good team, but for all you diehards out there who don't wait for Cowboys' training camp once the Rangers are eliminated from playoff contention, Lacy Collum is your source for Rangers news and opinion.

Stations that podcast:

1460 The Fan WBNS - Columbus, Ohio
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For no other reason than to get Kirk Herbstreit's radio show.

1300 The Zone KVET - Austin, TX
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Not whole shows, but they do have selected interviews, which are just as good because Bucky and Erin are great interviewers.

Update: Brian Behrend has informed be that 1310 The Ticket in Dallas has a podcast as well, but it's only their "Top 10". They don't podcast any shows.
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If there's any other stations you know of that podcast, let me know in the comments.

Things I'd like to see podcasts on:

- Houston Astros
- Dallas Cowboys
- All Big XII Schools

If anyone knows where I can find podcasts on any of the above leave it in the comments.

Shows I wish would podcast

2 Live Stews - I've heard these guys on the internet a couple times. Doug Stewart and Ryan Stewart are a lot of fun to listen to. Very high energy. Would be a highly downloaded podcast if 790 The Zone in Atlanta would just invest in the technology.
Max Kellerman - No one in America has ticked off as many people as Max Kellerman, yet no one has gotten more people to pay attention to him. No sports personality in America today will also take an unpopular view to argue for the sake of arguing. Would probably do well as a podcaster.
Jack Dale's Sportsline, The Cafe, and Williams and Hyatt - No reason other than I need my fix of Red Raider info and these radio shows from Sports Radio 1340 in Lubbock are the best ones to provide it.

Tomorrow: Weekend Preview
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