Wednesday, September 7, 2005

Non-Toxic Gumbo Edition

We'd like to thank Paul Westerdawg at Georgia Sports and "Mork calling" Orson Swindle and Stranko "City of Joe," Montana at Every Day Should Be Saturday for the recent link love. Great fooball sites both.

If you're here from one of those sites, feel free to look around and see what we're about.

R.D's Podcast Debut

I will be appearing on The SpursCast tonight at 8:30 Central. I don't know if there's a live feed, but the RSS feed (for your iPodder or however you get your podcast) is:

Michael De Leon will be hosting, and we're going to be having a Roundtable discussion on the Spurs' season.

Astros get control of the Wild Card

Thanks to Jason Lane's RBI single against the Phillies, the Astros are back on top of the wild card by one game over Florida and 1 1/2 games over Philadelphia.

Makes you wonder about the overall depth of the National League though, when a team which has one of the worst hitting lineups in Major League Baseball and leads MLB in getting shut out is the best non-division champion.

Bulletin Board Material

Surprisingly, there has been a lot of trash talk going on between Ohio State and Texas in advance of the game.

The first volley was shot off by Ohio State linebacker Bobby Carpenter, who said "When Vince Young leaves here, he won't be carrying the Heisman." (SA Express-News)

Texas's senior safety Michael Huff simply replied "I'll let my play on the field do my talking for me." (Statesman) Which you know, of course, is a polite way of saying "We're coming for you."

Vince Young, of course, is looking forward to breaking Ohio State's home non-conference winning streak. (Denton Record-Chronicle):
Now the No. 2 Texas Longhorns head into Ohio State for a Saturday night matchup with the No. 6 Buckeyes, who bring a crowd in excess of 100,000 every week. Ohio State has never lost a night game in Columbus and hasn't lost at home outside the Big 10 since 1990.

So is Texas intimidated? Not a chance.

"I love it," said quarterback Vince Young. "We could go down there and make history."
Anthony Schlegel, OSU linebacker and graduate of Highland Park (TX) High School, allegedly denied ever being a Longhorn fan to the Cleveland Plain Dealer. Fighting words, if true, but I'm having a hard time finding the article on the Plain Dealer's website where the direct quote from Schlegel is.

I did, however, find this interesting column by the Plain Dealer's Bill Livingston. Lots of good bulletin board material for Longhorn fans.

Final Thought on FSU-Miami from Monday

How can a rivalry be great when it's best moments are special teams miscues?

Tomorrow: Patriots, Raiders, Cowboys and Owls(?)
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