Friday, December 16, 2005

BREAKING NEWS: Austin Police investigate incidents involving UT football players

In a story to be published tomorrow, The Austin American-Statesman is reporting that they are investigating several UT athletes, including (apparently) some members of the football team about robberies and assaults that occured earlier this month. is reporting the same story, but give more exact details:
Four Longhorn football players, including three starters (two defensive and one offensive), are being investigated by Austin police for robbery and assault in two separate incidents. The first alleged incident occurred on September 4 with the other happening last weekend in the early morning hours of December 10. Two of the names that have surfaced include starting running back Ramonce Taylor and starting cornerback Cedric Griffin.

Naturally, no one at UT is commenting at this point, which is what you would expect in a case where the story just broke and involves criminal allegations.

The only one talking is the player's "legal advisor", who just so happens to be former Travis County District Attorney Ken Oden (It's Travis County, I'll let you take a stab as to what political party he's from), who now works as a criminal defense attorney.

Normally, Oden's hourly fee is more than you or I could afford. The athletic department must be picking up the tab on this (or some booster), because I don't think these athletes could afford him otherwise.

Get in trouble, get a high powered attorney to represent you on someone else's dime. Must be a nice recruiting pitch for Mack Brown.

In other Big XII football news...
- Dan Hawkins was named new head coach at Colorado (an institution which probably has some empathy for what Texas is going through right about now).
- Gary Darnell, who was formerly an assistant under John Mackovic at UT before accepting the Western Michigan head coaching job, was hired as Texas A&M's new defensive coordinator. Longhorn fans, who remember how bad UT's defenses were in the Mackovic era, were naturally blowing up the sports talk lines today to bag on A&M.
- Texas Tech's L.A. Reed and Marquis Walker have been suspended for the Cotton Bowl for "violations of team rules. Those better be real serious violations. Hope whatever y'all did was worth it. (Double T Ranch)
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