Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Don't let this person sub at your school

Accused child cyber-predator Dwayne Allen Lawhon (Texas Attorney General)

OK, the above pictured dude is sick.

This dude, Dwayne Allen Lawhon, was caught in an internet sting because he tried to hook up with a police officer posing as a 14 year old girl. Oh by the way, he works at the Pflugerville (Texas) School District as a high school substitute teacher where he is around 14 year old girls every time he gets a sub call.

When I had my sub job at a different Austin-area school district, they had to do so many background checks that they knew how many speeding tickets I had and how much money was in my bank account. Was Pflugerville's HR department asleep at the wheel or is just the the first time he got caught?

If there are any parents out there reading this, please put parental controls on your computer, please monitor where your kids are going online, and please, please, whatever you do don't let them go anywhere with someone they met online.

Mainly because guys like this don't always talk to cops. Sometimes they actually talk to kids.

(Would have done a sports take today, but this was too disturbing not to blog on.)
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