Wednesday, December 7, 2005

BREAKING NEWS: Barnett possibly on the outs in Colorado

Gary Barnett vidcap from press conference about Katie Hnida remarks 11/17/2004 (KMGH 7 Denver)

1300 The Zone in Austin, TX is reporting that Gary Barnett's contract with Colorado has not been renewed after all.

If that's true, the coach once thought to be immune to the twin forces of scandal and mediocrity that have killed the careers of other coaches, may turn out to be mortal after all.

Which, except for Ward Churchill, who isn't going anywhere because of tenure (something that should never be granted to any professor in a department with the word "studies" in its title. It should be reserved for science, math, English, economics, medicine, law, and foreign language profs only.*), eliminates all the problem children at the University of Colorado.

UPDATE! (12/7/05):
The Denver Post is the source of the story presented on The Zone, but they are citing "sources close to the contract talks."

Stay tuned.

* - Personal note: I had aspirations of being a history professor at one time, and knew a lot of profs in the history and "studies" fields, so I know giving one of those guys tenure is a waste of resources.
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