Sunday, December 18, 2005

New Posting Schedule

Dear Readers of Cheap Seats, Spur of the Moment, and Double T Ranch:

As I said earlier this week on Cheap Seats, I have a new permanent job working in a cube in an office. Which is nice, because unlike being a substitute teacher, I will actually have some more money to live off of.

However, it also means somethings in my life that I enjoy doing, like blogging, will have to fall around my work schedule. It will be a challenge, because I also want to save time for my off the internet friends as well, and finish this novel. But, I'm not giving this up like a lot of people do when they get a new job. I've got a small group of regular readers now, and I want to keep posting for y'all.

However, having an 8-hour/day job means I can do two blog entries a day on most days.

This will be an especially daunting challenge since I have to make 3 posts a week on both of my blogs on Most Valuable Network because of MVN rules, and Monday through Friday on Cheap Seats since you all expect it from me by now.

But, I think I've been able to formulate a schedule that works:

Post Schedule
Cheap SeatsXXXXX
Spur of the MomentXXX
Double T RanchXXX

An X means you should definitely expect a post that day. If it's blank, there will be posts only if there is breaking news or for some special events like Conference Tournament Watch in March on Cheap Seats, playoff game recaps on Spur of the Moment, or football game and Big 12 Tournament/NCAA Tournament recaps on Double T Ranch.

As for times, I don't know when in the day the posts will come. If I'm working days, it may be after 6:00 PM Central. If I'm working nights, it may be sometime in the afternoon before 3:00 PM Central.

For readers on Double T Ranch and Spur of the Moment, it means that posts will be more like "reporter's notebooks" that you see in your daily paper, with news items and short recaps. The difference is that it will also include short takes from me, because, well, they're blogs and bloggers bloviate (sorry Bill O'Reilly). It's what we do.

Readers of Cheap Seats are already familiar with this style of mine from my Weekend Wrap-Ups and Conference Tournament Watch, so expect more of the same unless there's one thing I really feel like writing at length on.

So anyway, that's how things are going to be from now on. Hopefully I can keep this blogging thing up long as I can.

R. D. Baker
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