Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Blogpoll Roundtable #9?

Brought to you by All Things Longhorn.

1. What would it take for you to vote someone other than USC #1 in the poll? If you already are, what would it take for USC to regain the top spot on your ballot?

I think Texas has basically done everything they need to do to be #1. They've won their tough games, and they've beaten their bad opponents badly.

Also, If USC were to play a bad first half against Texas, they would be so far down that they'd never be able to come back.

2. Which of the undefeateds is most likely to remain so? Who is least likely?

Most Likely:
USC - Should win out.
Texas - they can have their way with the rest of their schedule
Georgia - Only have the SEC championship game to go.

Less likely:
Virginia Tech - They still have games against Miami, and they are probably on track to play FSU in the championship game
Alabama - Couldn't beat Georgia the way they played against Mississippi

Least likely:
UCLA - Because of USC
Texas Tech - Like USC, haven't played a complete game yet.

3. If you were running the BCS system, would you let the computer rankings factor in margin of victory? Why or why not?

Margin of victory only applies, I think, when it's a BCS conference team playing a Sun Belt or I-AA team, because a BCS team letting one of the other teams hang around is a good predictor that they are going to lose against their conference. Otherwise, it really doesn't matter.

If it applies in a limited case, it's really unfair to judge every team based on margin of victory.

So if you can find a formula that allows MOV to apply only to BCS vs. non-BCS games, then great. Otherwise, leave it out.
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