Thursday, October 27, 2005

Don't Dream, It's Over

First off, congrats to the Chicago White Sox on winning the 2005 World Series. They did everything it took to win and the Astros didn't. They earned it.

But the Astros had to tease us one more time before they left. Brandon Backe, allegedly the weakest of the 4 pitchers the Astros were going to throw out in this series, held the White Sox scoreless through 7 innings.

Then they handed it of to Brad Lidge. Who only allowed 3 hits, all ground balls, in two innings without walking anyone. Unfortuntately hit #1 put the winning run, Walt Harris, on base, and hit #2 was Jermaine Dye's single to drive him in.

Well, hopefully they can improve the team in the offseason, and convince Bagwell, Biggio, and Clemens to come back one more year. I'd hate to see this team get so close and and not have a chance at defending their pennant.

Valentine leads Marines to Japanese World Series victory

On the other side of the World, former Texas Rangers skipper Bobby Valentine led the Chiba Lotte Marines to a victory in the Japanese World Series.

Now Valentine wants to take on the Chicago White Sox:
"It's as good a team as I've ever managed. I'd put them up against the winner of the World Series, and I know we'd win at least a couple of games."
While it might not happen this season, I'd love to see a true World Series in between the Japanese and U.S. Major League champions. It would be better than that "World Baseball Classic"
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