Monday, October 3, 2005

Weekend Wrap-Up: "Let the Red River Shootout hype begin" Edition

Well, Texas beat Missouri, and OU beat Kansas State.

The Red River Shootout hype can officially begin.

Yes, even though the game has lost a bit of it's luster with OU's horrid start, Texas still needs to get over this mental block if it wants to maintain it's current place in the BCS Championship Game.

So sit back and enjoy the hype.

BTW, I was in kind of a rush and didn't get to check my RSS reader for blog recaps or formulate the Blogpoll. All that stuff will be back next week.


(Brett Coomer/Houston Chronicle)

Congratulations to the Houston Astros on making the playoffs for the second straight year.

If they get some hitting in the postseason, maybe they can make the World Series. Ah, who am I kidding?


Big Story of the Week: Texas A&M survives scare from Baylor

This is why Baylor is near the bottom of the barrel of college football, they lose the games they dominate.

For those who wondered how Carl Torbush's defense would show up after getting lambasted: They only allowed 13 points to Baylor and tightened up in the red zone.

Baylor managed to keep A&M's offense in check until overtime. On offense, however, Baylor really didn't have the assets at wide reciever to beat A&M's bad secondary.

Other Big 12 Scores

Texas 51, Missouri 20
Believe it or not, Texas came out misfiring in this game and still managed to beat Missouri by 31.

Nebraska 27, Iowa State 20
Every time Iowa State thinks they are hot stuff, Nebraska always seems to be the one that smacks them back down to the bottom

Texas Tech 30, Kansas 17
Well, Kansas at least held Cody Hodges to a "pedestrian" 333 yards and 6.4 per attempt.

Oklahoma 43, Kansas State 21
Despite the win, Adrian Peterson injured his ankle yesterday. If Alabama's Tyrone Prothro hadn't gotten hurt in such a way that gave people flashbacks to Tim Krumrie's freak injury in Super Bowl XXIII, Peterson would have been the injury story of the day.

Colorado 34, Oklahoma State 0
OSU takes the collar against a defense that made Miami's Kyle Wright look like a competent QB last week. Think the Cowboys have serious offensive issues?

Our Adopted Team

Tulane 28, SE Louisiana 21
Way to close for comfort against a team of that caliber

Around the State

Memphis 27, UTEP 20
So much for Mike Price's Miners going undefeated. But then 6 turnovers will kill anyone's dreams of going undefeated, no matter who the program is. Credit goes to DeAngelo Hall for racking up an ungodly 236 yards.

TCU 49, New Mexico 28
Meanwhile, TCU's Mountain West Title hopes are still alive after their thrashing of New Mexico.

Marshall 16, SMU 13
All right, now can we put Phil Bennett on the hotseat, SMU? Face it, Ponies, you got a head coach that doesn't have what it takes to win at the D-I level.

Houston 30, Tulsa 23
Stat of the game: Former Texas Tech assistant Art Briles, whose offenses are never known for their running gamr, put up 200 yards. Two bills!


Oakland 19, Dallas 13
Permit me to vent for a moment. I'm getting really sick of watching the Cowboys play these games so close. The Cowboys, with their defense and it's blitz packages, their offensive line opening holes for Julius Jones and keeping Drew Bledsoe on his feet, their running game controlling the clock, and their recievers getting decent balls from Bledsoe, the Cowboys should be winning these games by a lot more. A lot more. There's no excuse for them being within 6 points of Oakland. None whatsoever.

Game Ball: Jason Witten
The Cowboys' most consistent option all day with 5 catches

New Orleans 19, Buffalo 7
New Orleans is still a road team, but at least for one day, they felt like they were right at home

From the AP:
Aaron Brooks saw an opening and bolted. Crossing the goal line just ahead of a defender, he spiked the ball and raised his arms to celebrate.
That's when he heard it: the deafening roar of a crowd cheering for the New Orleans Saints.
Game Ball: San Antonio Fans
They showed up, they were loud, they made it feel like the Superdome. Actually, check that, they made it feel like a college rivalry game, and I mean that as a compliment.

Cincinnati 16, Houston 10
Despite the Bengals of their losing years making a brief appearance in the first half, the 2005 Bengals finally showed up and kept up their unblemished record.
By the way, for those who think it was a good idea to promote offensive line coach Joe Pendry to offensive coordinator after his O-line left David Carr battered and bruised the first two weeks: David Carr was sacked 7 times.

Game Ball: Domanick Davis
Almost singlehandedly kept Houston in this game

Monday Night Football vs. CSI:Miami

This Week's Monday Night Football (Green Bay at Carolina):
If this were 2004, and Carolina had been healthy, this might have been an intriguing matchup. Unfortunately, it's 2005, the Pack is 0-4, Bret Favre is showing his age, the game is away from Lambeau, and Carolina has a better team. Yikes!

This Week's CSI:Miami ("Prey"):
From Yahoo! TV Listings:
When a teenage tourist goes missing, the team investigates the dark side of Miami's nightclub scene.
Dark Side? As opposed to the side that the Miami Nightclub Scene Jedi Knights are on?

Seriously, though, sounds creepy, and worth watching.

The Verdict
Thank you Green Bay for stinking so bad so I can finally catch a CSI episode.
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