Saturday, October 22, 2005

Sick as a dog

I'm sorry, I did not feel well at all Friday and I don't feel well today

Here's the deal: I have bad allergies. Apparently most people can breathe in mold spores and tree pollen and nothing happens. My system, however, can't deal with it. Worse, because of other medications I take, I can't take any of these fancy new allergy medicines, so I'm stuck with Chlor-Trimeton and that won't cut it.

So basically I feel like I have a bad cold all day without actually having a cold.

What really sucks is that this coinsides with the biggest game in Texas Tech history, and it's right here in my backyard. I wanted to go to the Alumni Tailgate today, but I can't do it because I'm stuck here at home coughing up a lung.

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