Tuesday, October 4, 2005

Rangers part with Rogers; Benson has parting Shots for Brown

T-minus 4 Days to the Red River Shootout

Benson: Texas needed "better preparation for OU"

Cedric Benson recently took a parting shot at Mack Brown's preparations for the OU game.(DMN)
When asked earlier this year what it would take for UT to finally beat OU, Benson, now with the Chicago Bears, didn't hold back.

"It will take better preparation of the players for that particular day," Benson said during an ESPN radio interview. "Not by cussing them, not by running them. Just by showing them the game plan, so they understand the game plan and have them understand OU's game plan. It's going to take better preparation by the coaches."

Then when asked if UT coaches were trying not to lose the game instead of planning to win it, Benson said: "Yeah. Without a doubt."
I've seen all the OU-Texas games for the last 5 years, and frankly he's right. OU has come into the game playing to win and Texas has always played not to lose. (If you've played or watched sports long enough, you know those are two different things.)

Rangers to Kenny Rogers: Don't let the door hit you on the way out

In what's probably the final chapter in the Kenny Rogers saga in Texas, The Rangers have announced that they will not re-sign Kenny Rogers.

What started out with barbs being traded in spring training, continued with the Rangers accusing Rogers via the media of taking a game off to avoid a good team, and reached it's climax when Rogers put a cameraman in a hospital, ended with a phone call from Rangers management to Rogers's answering machine.

Frankly, it's upsetting and a little sad that it came to this because Kenny Rogers stuck with the Rangers franchise for a long time when a lot of other players would jump from that perpetual train wreck, and he's one of the best pitchers in Rangers history. He deserved a lot better in his remaining Major League years from the Rangers than what he got.

He pitched a perfect game for the Rangers! Nolan Ryan didn't even do that! And it ends with back-and-forth between player and management and an answering machine call?

They say John Hart is the next to go. He better be.
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