Monday, October 17, 2005

Weekend Wrap Up: "A Game of Inches" edition

Matt Leinart shows South Bend who is No. 1 after scoring the winning TD with three seconds left. (AP)
Leinart: What, you thought you were gonna be #1, Texas? I got your #1 right here. (Associated Press)

According to the NCAA rulebook, the official width of the goal line is 1 foot.

That's how close Texas was to being #1 in the land Saturday.

In what could be the most memorable QB sneak since Bart Starr, Matt Leinart dove over the goal line into the end zone to get USC past Notre Dame and hold on to the top spot in the polls.

But it wasn't the only close finish as several other college and pro games were decided on the last play.


Big story of the weekend: Texas beats Colorado; almost gets help from ND

I don't know if Vince Young can make a better Heisman statement than the one he made Saturday against Colorado. He was absolutely brilliant.

The Texas game was pretty much over by halftime, so most of the Longhorn fans exited the stadium en masse just to get to the nearest TV to watch USC-Notre Dame.

Big 12 Games

Texas Tech 59, Kansas State 20

It took them a while, but once Texas Tech's offense got in the groove, it was all over. Tech also forced a bunch of turnovers. Now, they face Texas next week.

Oklahoma 19, Kansas 3

Once again Kansas's defense played great, only to have their offense not show up. If the Jayhawks had a halfway decent QB, they would have a great season.

Nebraska 23, Baylor 14

Just when it looked like Baylor was going to be one win away from bowl eligibility, Nebraska rolled off 17 unanswered points and put Baylor in a hole they couldn't come back from.

Texas A&M 62, Oklahoma State 23

Can we conclude that OSU stinks? Yikes! 62 Points?

Missouri 27, Iowa State 24 (OT)

No Brad Smith? No problem for Missouri. Freshman Chase Daniel, who replaced the injured Smith, led Missouri down the field on 2 4th quarter drives and the game winning drive in OT.

Our Adopted Team

UTEP 45, Tulane 21

I think we can safely conclude that Lester Ricard is a very good QB on a very bad team. His 376 yards passing and 3 TDs would be good enough to win a game for any other team.

Around the State
TCU 38, Army 17

Last week, the Horned Frogs won at Wyoming in spite of a bad performance by new QB Jeff Ballard. This week, they won because of Ballard as he scored 4 touchdowns.

East Carolina 24, SMU 17

Maybe East Carolina watched the A&M-SMU game tape because Pirates' QB James Pinkney did his best Reggie McNeal impersonation, scoring 3 touchdowns.

Memphis 35, Houston 20

DeAngelo Williams's numbers: 198 yards, 2 touchdowns. Williams is probably the best pro prospect out of the non-BCS conferences.

Tulsa 41, Rice 21

The numbers for Tulsa's Uril Parrish aren't impressive at first glance (16 carries, 66 yards), until you consider that he scored 3 touchdowns.

Cheap Seats' Blogpoll Ballot


Sunday's Games
Dallas 16, New York Giants 13 (OT)

Jose Cortez is about as accurate as a nearsighted carnival knife-thrower. But yesterday, he hit the game winner for the Cowboys.

Game Ball: The heat and humidity at Texas Stadium
The Giants defense was on the field almost 40 minutes by the time OT rolled around. Once the Cowboys won the toss and got the ball, the Giants were too tired to keep them out of field goal range.

Atlanta 34, New Orleans 31

Well, San Antonio, you wanted an NFL team, you got the New Orleans Saints instead. Seriously, the Saints just find ways to lose a ball game that no one ever thought of before. Think about it: how often is defensive holding called on a field goal?

Game Ball: Aaron Brooks
He got the ball to Devery Henderson to tie the game and stepped up in the absence of Deuce McAllister.

Seattle 41, Houston 10

In pro wrestling, this would be referred to as a "squash match".

Game Ball: Shaun Alexander
22 carries. 141 yards. 4 Touchdowns. Shaun Alexander is good.

Laundry is piling up, so I'm gonna go do that now.

Tomorrow: Astros in the World Series?
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