Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Cheap Seats' Believe it or Not.

Believe it or not: The Astros are on a 3 game win streak.
Actually, I checked and it's true. Checked the Astros' schedule, double checked the game posts on the Lisa Gray's blog and the Astros are actually on a win streak. It doesn't mean that all is right with the Astros, but it's a start.

Believe it or not:
The Spurs won game 5 last night by a comfortable margin
It's tough to believe after the shellacking they took in the press, pundits, and talk show callers. But the Spurs put forth a great defensive effort and Manu looked every bit like the Iceman.
Right down to the finger roll.

Believe it or not:
Dallas has a chance to take the lead in Game 5.
I have a tough time believing this one. They haven't shown that they can defend Amare Stoudamire in consecutive games.

Believe it or not:
The Cowboys are the 12th best team in the NFL (according to ESPN)
I believe that sounds about right, mainly because they improved and the rest of the NFC didn't.

Believe it or not:
Star Wars Episode III kicks off tonight
And I believe I will be skipping it. I'm not standing in line for opening week tickets. (Besides, why the heck would you stand in line when you can go to
Fandango or Cinemark and get tickets?)

Tomorrow: Colonial-ism
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