Thursday, May 5, 2005

A horse, the end of a horse, and a bullpen that plays like one.

"Oh Bellamy Road, sit tight, take hold."

His team may stink, but George Steinbrenner still could win something this year. His horse, Bellamy Road,
is the favorite in the upcoming Kentucky Derby. This based on a strong showing in the Wood Memorial, a pre-Derby race in New York that was loaded with Derby hopefuls.

Me? I know nothing about horses, I just watch the Triple Crown and I know Irving's Lone Star Park hosted the Breeder's Cup last year, and not much else. I do know that the pre-race favorite almost never wins at Churchill Downs, so it's equally possible George could be a two-time loser.

Really, Barry's not trying to sit out the season.

Speaking of the end of a horse, Barry Bonds is having his knee scoped for the third time. Performing the surgery: an orthopedic surgeon out of Fremont named Arthur Ting, who according to the
Arizona Republic, is currently on probation for unprofessional conduct. The newspaper has also uncovered 30 pages worth of documents uncovering gross negligence.

This will just add fuel to the conspiracy theorists fire that Bonds is trying to sit out the season so he doesn't have answer steroid questions.

Here's the best part, though:
Arthur Ting is also the San Jose Sharks' Team physician

Astros need to right the ship quick

Ridiculous, absolutely ridiculous.

Astros dropped another game to the Pirates last night after Roger Clemens left with a 3-2 lead and the bullpen blew it. Again. That 4 out of 5 that they have dropped to one of the worst teams in the majors.

There is no polite language I can use to describe this. Check
Lisa at The Dugout for further commentary.

It's going to be a long summer once the
Spurs' playoff run is over. When does Cowboys camp open again?

Tomorrow: Four to Watch.
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