Monday, May 9, 2005

"I would like to thank my mouth for getting me fired"

Freddie Mitchell, alias "Frex-Ex", alias "The Peoples Champ", alias "Dude who thanks his hands for being great", alias "Dude who allegedly had something for Rodney Harrison", was cut this weekend by the Philadelphia Eagles.

And yes, the entire sports blogosphere has felt great schadenfreude over his release.

(Memo to Parcells and/or Jerry Jones: Don't even think about signing this fraud to a contract.)

Texas NBA Round Up

Jeff Van Gundy tried to tell us the officiating mattered.

As it turns out, the officials didn't matter after all. What mattered was Tracy McGrady missing 16 shots on 26 attempts and no Rockets stepping up to help Yao.

Dallas is moving on to play Phoenix tonight and Jeff Van Gundy and the Rockets face an uncertain future.

San Antonio spanked Seattle in their series opener despite snoozing through the 3rd quarter.

Update: Corey from Sporting Fools has asked Cheap Seats to ascertain why Tracy McGrady disappeared from Game 7. To that end, I've hired the the only band of investigators I could afford on a substitute teacher's salary:

If they find anything, Cheap Seats will be the first to let you know.

NBA Second Round Picks

Western Conference

Phoenix-Dallas: Dallas's defense is improved over previous years, so I expect the Mavericks to push this one to the limit. But Phoenix and Steve Nash will prevail in the end. Phoenix 4-3.

Seattle-San Antonio: Even with last night's blowout, Seattle will push San Antonio to the limit but fall just short to the Spurs. San Antonio 4-3.

Eastern Conference

Miami-Washington: A tired Washington team is no match for a fresh Heat team with Shaq and Dwayne Wade. Miami 4-0.

Detroit-Indiana: The rematch the NBA feared, only this time with out Ron Artest to fan the flames. Without him, the Pacers have no way to defend Rip Hamilton.
Detroit 4-2

100% Supplement-fed Longhorn Beef

A report in the Fort Worth Star-Telegram states that
both Texas and Texas A&M purchased more than $120,000 in banned supplements such as ephedra for their players.

Now it bears watching their spring practice to see if anyone keels over.

Tomorrow: TBA
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