Tuesday, May 3, 2005

Who Censored Jeff Van Gundy?

Marc Stein of the NBA is following the ongoing saga of Jeff Van Gundy and his complaint that Mark Cuban is influencing the officiating. He notes the following:

All teams complain to the league about the way games are officiated, not just Cuban's Mavs. This happens even more than usual in the playoffs, and the league is fine with it. Stern would much rather receive complaints than read about them in the papers.
Which leads to an interesting question. Why fine Jeff Van Gundy for complaining about the officials, and not George Karl since he complained a lot after Game 3 of the Spurs-Nuggets series or Doc Rivers after stating that Reggie Miller gets sympathy calls. Let's see some consistency, NBA.

Another thing, what gives the NBA, or any pro sports league for that matter, the right to fine people for speaking out? Last I checked, you had the right to say whatever you want in this country. Besides, complaining about the officials is a losing mentality, and the complainers will pay on the court eventually. (Witness last night's losses by the Rockets and Nuggets) There's no need to punish them twice.

A Reason to watch American Idol

I think American Idol is the most rigged show in television history, and I refuse to watch it. And I refuse to buy the albums. It's a sad commentary on our society that these manufactured pop stars who sing empty, meaningless tunes are so popular.

Now, however, there might be a reason to watch.

If you are disgusted with the American music industry or hate American Idol, now you have a chance to punk them both.

I give you the website "Vote for the Worst":
http://www.votefortheworst.com/ A website dedicated to bringing down American Idol by voting for the worst possible candidate: Scott Savol, who has no talent, looks nothing like and idol, and apparently has a rap sheet so long that the Portland Trailblazers want to sign him.

I'd love to see Scott win just so that the Fremantle Media folks (the company that runs the Idol shows and owns the record company to which the winner will sign) will have to try and sell this guy, the guy Simon's been pimping the least, to the public.

I don't know if I'll watch American Idol to get the number, but I like the chutzpah of these guys.

Update: For some reason, the site has been blocked. Damn you, American Idol!

Tomorrow: TBA

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