Friday, May 6, 2005

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Recurring case of Hodgkins sidelines Fields

Thoughts and prayers go out to Mark Fields of the Carolina Panthers,
whose Hodgkins disease has returned.

Kentucky Derby

(Disclaimer: I know nothing about horse racing and I am not responsible for any money you lose betting on the race)

Horse racing is cool for this reason: The horse is a bigger star than the humans. Think about it, who was Secretariat's trainer? His Jockey? (OK, without looking it up on the internet, smartass). The horse is the winner, not the humans. The horse gets his name in the lead, not the humans. Hell, they'd interview the horse if they could.

As for the race, it's a tough call on whom to take. Nick Zito's got 5 horses, but he's probably stretched so thin that none of them are going to have a good showing. Steinbrenner's horse, who's probably the favorite, looks really good after that Wood Memorial. But the favorite never wins, so...

That leaves Bandini. I actually saw the Bluegrass Stakes because it was kind of a dead weekend and Bandini pulled away from that field. Plus he's the offspring of Derby winner Fusaichi Pegasus, which seems to be a big deal in horse racing, so I guess I'd have to pick Bandini.

Four to Watch
  • Kentucky Derby (Saturday, 4:00 PM NBC) - No mint juleps for me, I'm driving.
  • Pacers vs. Celtics (Saturday, 6:00 PM TNT) - The only thing better than a 7th game of a playoff series...
  • Mavericks vs. Rockets (Saturday, 8:30 PM TNT) - is a 7th game where Jeff Van Gundy could be out of the league if he loses.
  • Spurs vs. Sonics (Sunday, 7:00 PM TNT) The only second round series we know about tips off. Funny thing is, this is the only game in this series that has been schedules, according to the NBA website.

This weekend: Second Round picks.

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