Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Cheap Seats: 100% Mike Tyson Free

That's right, Cheap Seats no longer cares if Balrog ever enters the ring ever again or not.

Anyway, on to more important matters.

Payne at Pinehurst

The U.S. Open returns to Pinehurst #this week. Last time the Open was at Pinehurst was 1999 when the late Payne Stewart, him of the tam 0'shanter and way old school knickers, won his last major.

I remember when, in the mid-90s when Payne had a contract with NFL Properties, and Payne would wear a sweater vest with the nearest NFL team's logo and the tam and knickers would be in team colors. I just thought it was the coolest thing in the world,

OK, so it's not as good as some the other tributes some have of Stewart (an SMU alumnus), but it's what I remember.

Stewart, of course, died along when the rest of his crew when his plane lost cabin pressure, asphyxiating all aboard and causing the plane to crash in Aberdeen, South Dakota.

Who the hell is Rory Sabbatini?

Ticked at the slow play of his partner Ben Crane, pro golfer Rory Sabbatini chipped, putted, and teed off at the 18th green while his partner was finishing up the 17th. All this in the final round of the tournament formerly known as the Kemper Open.

Sabbatini's behavior is a big deal in golf circles, and it smacks of poor sportsmanship. And frankly I feel no sympathy for a middling tour player who's having a temper tantrum.

If you want to speed up Crane, make him play a round with Tiger. If he complains, then maybe he'll speed up.

College World Series field set

Baylor and Texas both won their Super Regional final games yesterday and will be facing each other in the first game of the College World Series. Which means Texas is probably going home sooner than expected. Texas is 0-4 against the Bears and will probably have to face them twice in order to get out of the bracket.

Rice, unfortunately, was knocked out by top-seeded Tulane. Oregon State topped Southern Cal to round out the CWS field.

Tomorrow: The Last Season?
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