Friday, June 10, 2005

Kittle: Bonds doesn't sign jerseys for white people

Ron Kittle, who played for the White Sox for many years, recently wrote in a book about his experiences with the Sox. You know, one of those player biographies that's usually filled with anectodes about clubhouse life and not much else. (Most of these books are usually pretty good reads on their own. One of my favorite books from when I was a kid was Winfield: A Players' Life by Dave Winfield)

Well, apparently one of the anecdotes from Kittle's book goes like this: Kittle (apparently on an off day) took a trip to Wrigley Field to ask Bonds for some autographed jerseys to auction off for a cancer charity. According to Kittle, Bonds said, "I don't sign jerseys for white people."

No surprise right? After all, Bonds has played the race card to defend himself against steroid allegations.

Well, the other day Bonds did what Bonds usually does when confronted with anything by the media: He went off.

First, he used his kids as human shields, something he did in a press conference earlier this year when discussing his knee injury.

Do you guys know my life history a little bit? ... One, you insult my children, who are half-white
Then he 'roid raged on Kittle.

Somebody said he wanted a piece of me. Tell him I'm at 24 Willie Mays Plaza and he can come get me anytime he wants to -- with pleasure.

You know, Barry, when people think you're juicing, it's not a good idea to 'roid rage on people. Especially, since this isn't the first time you've 'roid raged at a press conference.

Monday: "Omaha, somewhere in middle America"
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