Thursday, June 2, 2005

Know your Cuts of NFL Rosters

Well, it's cutdown time again in the NFL. June 1 is the traditional start of the NFL's second free agent period, where teams can cut expensive dead weight so that the signing bonus hit is spread out over 2 years.

Expect this year's second free agent market to be
mostly retreads and never-will-bes. New Orleans' Orlando Ruff and former Raven Chris Redman right now are the only 2 players to be officially released, but more are expected to follow, including Cowboys' defensive tackle La'Roi Glover, who doesn't fit into the Cowboys' 3-4 plans.

The only name that pops up in cut discussions that could actually help the Cowboys is safety
Lance Schulters, who is expected to be let go by the Titans.

Titans Insider)

The Cowboys have a need at free safety, and Schulters could fit the bill. He's been a solid player most of his career, having played for the Titans and the 49ers under Steve Mariucci. The problem is, he missed much of last year with a foot problem, and his cap figure for last year was 4.2 million. (He's going to want at least some part of that) But for a guy that averages around 50 tackles a year and has 15 career picks from the safety position, he might be a good fit for the Cowboys' defense. Especially if they want Roy Williams to move back to his natural strong safety position.

If the Cowboys don't pursue Schulters, the other candidates are Pete Hunter, who is refusing to move from cornerback to safety according to
Will Parchman at The Cowboy Roundup, Justin Beriault, the rookie out of Ball State, who's a backup FS at best, and Lynn Scott, who's probably going to be Williams' backup.

Speaking of cuts, Will also has an excellent post on the
other possible Cowboy cuts.

Tomorrow: More aluminum bats.
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