Thursday, June 9, 2005

MLB Draft Coverage Stinks

I give up on trying to figure out MLB's DraftCaster. I especially can't figure out why the thing won't let you sort by school or home state. I'm not going to sort through tons of picks just to see who got drafted from Austin, or who got drafted from Texas Tech. I don't have the time.

At least the NFL's draft site has a prospects by school list.

I did manage to find that Koby Clemens, Roger's kid, was drafted by the Astros (that is, if he doesn't go to the University of Texas instead).

Anyway, The Rangers had a pretty good draft, and picked up a lot of names that could help them, especially Texas catcher Taylor Teagarten, who can handle a pitching staff and has swung a mean stick in wooden-bat leagues.

The Astros took Tulane ace Brian Bogusevic, one of the top pitchers in the country, with it's first pick, a catcher, Ralph Henriquez, from baseball factory Key West High School with it's 3rd pick, and a decent SS/2B in Tulane's Thomas Manzanella with it's 4th. A lot of the rest of the guys, I have never heard of, though.

Disrespecting the alleged disrespected

I get so sick of Detroit fans and players talking about how they are getting dissed.

The disrespect card is one of the worst canards in sports history, and in this case it's not really applicable.

I looked at ESPN's rundown of experts. Half of them picked Detroit. That's hardly disrespect.

I'd like to know what these people consider "proper respect". Do we all have to pick Detroit to sweep (and defy every bit of basketball logic and sense) before we satisfy you people?

Tomorrow: TBA
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