Friday, July 15, 2005

The Great Sports Radio Face-Off Part 2

Morning Drive

Fox Sports Radio: The First Team, hosted by Steve Czaban
ESPN Radio: Mike and Mike in the Morning, hosted by Mike Greenberg and Mike Golic

Show Format
First Team: Sports radio version of a morning show complete with news updates. Sort of along the lines of Bob and Tom.
Mike and Mike: I like the dynamic of of the geeky sports guy(Greenberg) and the "Average Joe" sports guy(Golic), but other than that, it's a regular sports talk show.
Edge: First Team (I happen to think Bob and Tom is the gold standard of morning music radio)

First Team: Steve Czaban is someone who guys can relate to, and he manages to keep the show moving.
Mike and Mike: Mike Greenberg is about as knowledgeable and polished an on air personality as their is on radio. Mike Golic, unfortunately, in not as insightful as an ex-jock should be, and that drags the show down.
Edge: First Team

First Team: You don't hear much from the crew, but there are very few techinical issues, which considering the host is in D.C. and the rest of the show originates from L.A., is no small feat.
Mike and Mike: "Joaquin" gets major bonus points for the parody songs he comes up with.
Edge: Mike and Mike

Sports Update Anchor
First Team: Scott Linn is one of the up and coming update anchors in sports radio today
Mike and Mike: Bob Piccozi is a veteran professional who can come up with some real trivia stumpers
Edge: Push

First Team: Don't allow too many callers, but are well-screened.
Mike and Mike: Callers can call in for their trivia contest, but they still keep listeners involved through e-mail and internet polls (particularly the "Just Shut Up" award)
Edge: Mike and Mike

I don't think you can go wrong with either show, really. I couldn't pick a clear winner.

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