Tuesday, July 19, 2005

The Great Sports Radio Face-Off Part 3

Mid Morning

Fox Sports Radio: The Morning Extravaganza, hosted by Van Earl Wright and Andrew Siciliano
ESPN Radio: The Herd, hosted by Colin Cowherd

Show Format
Morning Extravaganza: The show is the typical morning show. The difference here is that it still seems like it revolves around the humor of Tony Bruno, and Bruno got of that Titanic a long time ago.
The Herd: Mostly a lot of interviews with Colin Cowherd occasionally pontificating. The "Spanning the Globe" segments where Cowherd talks to local sports talk personalities or beat writers to get a local angle on a story is unique and keeps the show from being "cookie cutter".
Edge: The Herd (slightly)

Morning Extravaganza: Van Earl Wright is not entertaining at all, and he's a bad interviewer. He killed FSN's "National Sports Report" and he's killing this show. Andrew Siciliano is a good broacaster, but he needs a good host to play off of, and "Van Earl Wrong" is not a good host.
The Herd: Colin Cowherd plays the percentages too much and doesn't really stand out from the myriad of average talk show hosts out there. OK interviewer when dealing with other media personalities, soft on athletes.
Edge: Push First network to replace their host with a better host wins.

Morning Extravaganza: Doesn't really get involved, but they do keep the show on the air, the sound effects are timed right, and there are very few technical problems. They do, however, overuse the rimshot.
The Herd: "Ry Dogg" and "Compass" keep the show running, but they really detract when they try to add to the show.
Edge: Push

Sports Update Anchor
Morning Extravaganza: Krystal Fernandez just seems like she's there for ear candy. If they wanted a female anchor, they have better choices in house that they could go to.
The Herd: Dan "The Duke" Davis is one of the better anchors out there. Knowlegeable and articulate.
Edge: The Herd

Morning Extravaganza: Usually well-screened. A lot of them could do a better job on the radio than Van Earl.
The Herd: They don't involve the listeners a whole lot through the phone, which is a shame
Edge: Morning Extravaganza

The Herd
In what turns out to be a matchup of mediocre radio vs. bad radio, the mediocre radio show wins.

Tomorrow: Afternoons and Coffee Spoons
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