Tuesday, July 12, 2005


(Steve Perez / The Detroit News)

If you were one of the ones complaining about the international format of this years' Home Run Derby, and you refused to watch, you missed out.

And by that I don't mean missed out on sideline reporter/eye candy Samantha "Sam" Ryan.

Bobby Abreu went for an event record 41 home runs in the Derby on the way to winning. 41 dingers!

That's a good season for a lot of people, and he did it in one night! (OK, so they were throwing gopher balls, but still!)

Put it another way: Barry Bonds is 5th on the career Home Run Derby home runs list and he has 47. (The leader: Ken Griffey Jr., with 70) Abreu pulled within 6 of Bonds in one night!

Good job by the former Astros farmhand.

Sadly, the BCS survives.

Chris Berman (speaking of Home Run Derbies) once compared Detroit Lions coach Wayne Fontes to Russian mystic Rasputin because the spiritual advisor to Czar Nicholas II's family seemingly couldn't be killed no matter how hard his detractors tried, and Fontes seemingly couldn't get fired no matter how hard his detractors hoped he would finally lose enough games to get fired.

One wonders if the BCS has similar Rasputin-like tendencies.

Rather than fold while scrambling to replace the loss of the AP poll, the BCS has somehow pulled it's house of cards together and found another poll.

Harris, who conducts coach's polls of high schools in Texas, has agreed to administer a second human poll for the BCS, whose voters will consist of former coaches, former players, administrators, and some members of the media.

If you were hoping for a playoff, sorry.

OU loses out on Stephenson

Gene Stephenson, college baseball coaching legend, was in the opposing dugout managing Wichita State as then-OU manager Larry Cochell was making racial comments to ESPN's Sean McDonough.

Today, Stephenson decided to return to Wichita State, hours after he had been formally announced as OU's new head coach.

The real shocker, if you will pardon the pun, is that Joe Castiglione, generally considered one of the best ADs in collegiate sports, made a big hiring mistake. He doesn't normally make mistakes like that. You'd think he'd know that you don't call a press conference unless you've got the guy signed on the dotted line.

Monday: Back in Yellow.
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