Monday, July 11, 2005

Kenny Rogers is going. Get over it.

It's official: Kenny Rogers is going to the All-Star Game whether any of us want him to or not.

And frankly I'm sick of talk show hosts and callers who think he shouldn't.

Yes, Kenny Rogers is a jerk. We know. We've heard.

Yes, Rogers' appealed the suspension and is still playing for now. It's called a grievance procedure. Your workplace has it too. Check your contract, check your employee handbook, check your HR people, check the bulletin board that has all those postings that you never read anyway, it should be there somewhere.

Most of the callers don't know the whole story of what's wrong with the Rangers. They are lowballing Rogers, their best pitcher at the moment, and leaking outright lies about Rogers to the media. Rangers' management also released Ryan Drese, who is now an anchor of the Washington Nationals' staff. There's a lot of tension in Arlington, and the camera push is the tip of a much larger iceberg that all these Kenny Rogers haters are refusing to see.

If anything, John Hart should be fired for his office putting out the statement that Rogers intentionally injured his hand so he wouldn't have to pitch against some good teams. Without that report, there's no incident.

So if all you talk show callers want to get on a real issue, start calling for Hart's head.

On a separate note, David Wells is an idiot. (courtesy Sporting Fools)

Armstrong gives up yellow, for now

Lance Armstrong conceded the Yellow Jersey in yesterday's Stage 9, a stage that also saw Armstrong's rival Jan Ullrich split his helmet during a crash.

Your leader after 9 stages: Jens Voigt of Germany, who is 2:18 up on Armstrong.

They say Armstrong will probably get the jersey back in the upcoming mountain stages. 2 minutes and 18 seconds is a lot to make up in cycling terms, though, so we'll see.

A look at education issues from those who lived them.

From time to time, I harp on education and/or youth sports issues, because I'm really passionate about them. I work in a school part time, after all.

This one falls under "education issues":

Steve "The Holywriter" Adams recently completed a series on a string of incidents that happened in his high school back in the late '90s. I would encourage you to read it. Why? Well, just like teenagers using steroids (my big pet issue), what happened at Steve's high school still could happen at your kids high school (or *your* high school if you are reading this and are of high school age), even if the groups in conflict have different names than "redneck" or "freak".

Here's the Nothing But The Truth Chronicles in their entirety:
Chronicle 1: Setting the stage
Chronicle 2: Celebrity, international and local
St. Mary's: A Dossier: Background on high school society in St. Mary's, West Virginia.
Chronicle 3: Freaks and 'Necks
Chronicle 4: Don't Look Back in Anger
Chronicle 5: Thefts and Bomb Threats
Chronicle 6: All The School Board's Men
Conclusion: A year later, Columbine.
Random...Not So Much: The effects of the incidents years later. (Not technically part of the series, but it should be)

Tomorrow: Home Field Advantage
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