Monday, July 4, 2005

Kenny Rogers Update

Happy 4th of July everyone... to everyone serving the country overseas, thank you.

Anyway, the controversy still rages over Kenny Rogers and the camera incidents.

Kenny Rogers is suspended 20 games, pending appeal. No problem there. However, no one in the Rangers front office was punished for instigating the whole thing with the completely untrue press release about the reasons behind the injury to his non-throwing hand.

Rogers, however, was selected to pitch the All-Star Game, though many think he should have to give up his spot.

As far as the relationship between Rangers players and the front office... Well, between the way the Rangers have handled Kenny Rogers and the way they let go Ryan Drese, the damage has been done. Michael Young, Mark Texiera, and Hank Blalock may be gone as soon as their contracts are up.

That's all, Happy 4th!

Tomorrow: Yellow Jersey, Green Jersey, Polka-Dot Jersey?
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