Saturday, July 23, 2005

The Great Sports Talk Radio Faceoff

Since I'm a sports talk radio junkie, I decided to do a comparison of the two major sports talk networks: Fox Sports Radio and ESPN radio.

The Results may shock you.

Sorry, Sporting News Radio fans, we don't have you in the Austin market, so we couldn't rate you.

The Great Sports Talk Radio Faceoff
Part 1
Insomniacs in Florida: The Third Shift vs. All Night.
Part 2
Off to work with the Morning Drive: Steve Czaban vs. Mike and Mike
Part 3
Bad vs. Ugly in Mid Morning: The Extravaganza vs. The Herd.
Part 4
Live vs. Memorex: Steve Czaban vs. Dan Patrick
Driving Home: The Drive vs. The SportsBash
Part 5
The Handicap Match: Game Time Live and The Brick vs. GameNight
The Winner Revealed: Fox Sports Net vs. ESPN Radio
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