Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Ricky Williams Returns

Former Longhorn Heisman Trophy winner Ricky Williams has returned to Dolphins camp.

He shouldn't have to.

Yeah, I know, if he wasn't in camp he'd be off smoking dope, and that would be bad for him. If there weren't pot involved, people would be more sympathetic to him wanting to leave the sport. Football, as much as we like it, is a violent game.

Because of the pot, however, it simply reinforces what a lot of people think about pot users. (And in the case of other Big XII fans, the University of Texas in general)

But really, the only reason he's playing is because he will owe the Dolphins upwards of $8 Million if he doesn't, and unless he's got a really good biotech idea with which to start a company, there aren't any other ways that he's going to pay that off.

Ricky just seems like one of those guys for whom money isn't enough of a motivator. And it's not fair to the fans, who pay their hard earned money to see these guys give it their best, or Ricky, who's heart isn't in it, to to force him to make a half-hearted attempt at playing, regardless if he has the talent to play well.

Another View: Greg Cote in the Miami Herald.

A Dutch view of Austin.

A Dutch TV Crew was in the Capital City covering Austin's reaction to Lance Armstrong's seventh Tour De France victory.

Here's the video entitled "Austin is trots op Lance Armstrong" (Which, I'm told, means "Austin is proud of Lance Armstrong", and we certainly are).

(Link courtesy Riding for Roses; Video courtesy NOS.nl)
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