Tuesday, March 1, 2005

Double-Secret Probation Edition

Scholarship cuts emminent for some schools.

The NCAA is reporting that 410 athletic teams are in jeopardy of losing scholarships under the NCAA's new academic guidelines. Considering there are over 5000 programs at the Division I level and you have to have 92.5 % percent of your students good academic standing (i.e. not on academic probation), that's pretty remarkable.

What we don't know at the moment, is which programs at which schools. I tried to access the
NCAA's website to get a look at the individual institution reports, but apparently the server that has them is getting more requests than it can handle.

More on this later in the week, probably tomorrow, stay tuned.

CU Later, Barnett?

Ho boy, more trouble at Colorado. This university cannot seem to keep itself out of the headlines.

Now the grand jury investigating Colorado's sexual assault allegations uncovered
sexual assaults by an assistant coach, a "slush fund" generated from Gary Barnett's football camps, and allegations of sexual assault by female trainers.

You know, I'm old enough to remember all the sexual assaults and other shenanigans that happpened at Oklahoma during Barry Switzer's tenure, and this is reaching that level. I know the Athletic Director has been canned, but it's seriously time for the Board of Regents to consider firing both Head Coach Gary Barnett and CU President Betsy Hoffman.

Big Steps Back on Big Monday

The struggling Texas Longhorns took a step back Tuesday,
dropping a game at home to the Oklahoma Sooners 74-68. They now have to win at Oklahoma State on Saturday to be .500 in conference.

While they may have the numbers to get in, the number that may cost the Longhorns in the end is 5-6. That's their record without suspended team leader P. J. Tucker, a number the tournament committee will look at closely when determining the Longhorns' tournament fate.

The Longhorns loss, however is the Red Raiders' gain as they can clinch a first-round bye in the Big XII tournament if they beat Baylor tomorrow.

Also taking a step back is the Boston College Eagles, who may have lost their number one seed chances with a
72-50 home loss to Pittsburgh. All the bracket projections that had the Eagles as a #1 seed dropped them to a lower seed following the loss.

Tomorrow: TBA
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