Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Canton High Coach released from hospital

At least he's physically OK.

Few months back Gary Joe Kinne, the high school football coach of Canton High School in East Texas, was shot by an angry parent of one of his players. (Am I being redundant when I'm talking about an angry athletic kid's parent?)

Kinnie was released from a Tyler hospital.

College football still does not get it

Randy Riggs from the Austin American-Statesman reports that the BCS is
looking for a second human poll to replace the Associated Press poll.

Never mind that college football is in the mess it's in because 2 human polls could not decide an undisputed national champion to begin with.

Also on the table at the meeting of BCS commissioners is
the issue of IDing the people who vote in the coaches poll, which the coaches will never agree to.

Bertuzzi presses his case for reinstatement (like he pressed Steve Moore into the ice)

Todd Bertuzzi has a hearing today with the NHL commissioner on whether or not he will play hockey again. Bertuzzi, if you recall, blindsided Colorado Avalanche player Steve Moore. You know, back when hockey was actually played. Anyway, Steve Moore is still injured and may never see the ice again

No decision is expected. Considering that Gary Bettman doesn't have to do anything until a new CBA is reached, and that Moore can no longer play hockey, I expect Bertuzzi to twist in the wind for a long, long while
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